Hi everyone,

My old school Wood Elf army counted two mighty treemen swating the enemies of the forest without mercy or remorse!  With the advent of the new plastic treeman; the old ones became a bit short! To give you an idea - the old treemen are as tall as the new treeman's loincloth!!!

Since they were already painted up, I decided to use then as Tree Shamblers or Tree-kin for Kings of War. The problem was that I needed another and as fortune might have it I did have another old school treeman.  It was not a Citadel miniature, but I think it would fit in. To be honest I have no idea which company this miniature belongs to.  If someone knows please let me know.

So now all I have to do is paint up the third treeman and a few forest spirits and sprites and base this new unit.  I have already primed and started to pain the third treeman.  Hopefully this unit will be ready by next week.

That is all for now - see you in seven!  Farewell and good health.