Hi everyone,

Does anyone remember the old Beast Masters & Shape Changers from way back in third edition Warhammer Armies?

Well, I certainly do! I also have all the figures and the original animals.  I completely forgot about them until recently when I was opening boxes looking for miniatures for the Wood Elf Spear unit I am currently updating.

I thought to myself, what a cool idea to bring them back as proxy units for Kings of War.  The beast handlers existed as miniatures, but the shape changers did not.  So I opted to use different were creatures to represent them.

The only problem with this approach is that such creatures are rare where miniature representations are concerned.  That means I could not create units of were-creatures with different poses, without a nightmare of extra work! So I opted to combine these two old unit types into one unit.

I already had a were-bear, and I found miniatures for a were-boar and a were-cat  with a company called Otherworldly Miniatures.  The following is a break down of what I am going to do in the coming weeks after I finish the Wood Elf Spear unit.

The Bear Clan

The first unit I will put together is the Bear Clan.  Initially, I was going to proxy all these units as Hunters of the Wild, but that would require putting the unit on a 20x20mm multibase.  They seemed way too cramped, so I opted for a large infantry horde multibase.  Therefore, I will have to proxy this unit instead of tree shamblers horde.

The Boar Clan

These figures are probably my favourite.  The elven boar handler just looks so badass and feral! I can't believe I forgot all about him!  This unit will be a proxy for the Hunters of the Wild unit.  I will build them up as two troop units.  This way I can use them as troops or combined as a regiment.  Flexibility is always good.

The Cat Clan

I will approach the Cat Clan in the same way as the Boar Clan, that is as two troop units and as proxies for the Hunters of the Wild. The were-cat is probably the coolest of all my were miniatures.  I remember seeing this model for the first time on Beasts of War. It is actually a were-tiger, but that wont do for a wood elf army.  The dynamic pose and ferocity was burned into my memory.  When I started looking for figures to represent my were-creatures, it was the first mini I went looking for.
Now, all I need to do is look for a variety of bears, boars and cats to fill up the unit, but I will leave that for another time and another post.  So until then, farewell and good health.