I was in Wales the other month, and chanced on a new gaming store in Swansea. Naturally, I couldn't resist picking up some Stormtroopers, though I managed to resist the siren song of Imperial Assault itself. It's just a matter of time before my resistance is crushed, mind you. They are lovely little models. A minimum of mould lines. It's a shame there is only the one pose, but when I get some more, it'll give me incentive to get out sharp implements to perform a spot of battlefield surgery. They aren't 28mm, as I had suspected (or known?), but are similar enough in size to the larger 28s that they can stand (in their crouched pose) beside them without too much bother.

In the comparison shots are a tall chap from Renegade's 28mm WWI range and a wee Scots officer from Musketeer's 25mm range. I undercoated the Stormies white, gave them a wash of that Nuln Oil black wash, dry-brushed the armour white again, and picked out the recessed details in black. The bases got a dark grey, and then the whole model received a gloss varnish, resulting in the floors resembling those of the Death Star. I did experiment with some ruddy shading for the eyes, but it hasn't worked. I must bear in mind that one needs greater contrast with little things.