"We're going to need a bigger roadblock..."

The Warrig is a 'Freelancer' model for Word Forge Games post-apocalyptic miniatures game 'The Devils Run'. Of course if you've never seen the game before then those terms are meaningless to you...so here's some background...also the missions, instructions, advanced instructions and some 'print and play' tiles, tokens and stat cards can be downloaded from here.

The Devils Run
The Devil's Run: Route 666 is a fast-moving and hard-hitting vehicular combat board game set in a post-apocalyptic America; Each player controls a gang of ramshackle vehicles and their characterful drivers as they race across the remains of America to lay claim to aid drops, food and fuel. Each gang will do whatever it takes to get to there first...bash, crash, smash, race, win!

Some seek solace in the sanctity of isolation, whereas others are shunned and cast out by the community they once called home. Whatever the reason they find themselves alone in the wild, it is a difficult and dangerous existence. Some of these lost souls (or are they found?), eke out a living by offering their services to the gangs. Collectively they are known as Freelancers, but this is really all they have in common.

The Warrig - Unassembled
This is a resin model so some moulding material will need to be removed and a bit of tidy up doing. Here are pictures of both sides of the unassembled parts. There's also a tubular piece not pictured that we'll get to in a bit...

Most parts only require removing from the moulding piece and a bit of tidy-up though the excess pieces attached to the War Rig Cab are fairly substantial and are hard work to remove with hobby cutters alone. Luckily I have some heavier duty cutters that did the job nicely. There was a tiny bit of slippage on a few parts but not so much that it couldn't be cleaned up with a scalpel and a modicum of filing.

The Warrig - Stat and Upgrade Cards
The Warrig comes with ten cards. Three of these are stat cards for the actual vehicle (one for the cab and two for the trailer) and there are seven more containing various optional upgrades. Unlike many upgrade cards that come with other Devils Run vehicle models these are all specific to this model and not general ones that can be applied to any model...for obvious reasons...

The Warrig

The Warrig Cab - Assembled
The Warrig Cab can be used independently from the trailer if you wish. The exhaust stacks at the back align with equivalent recesses in the trailer section that we'll talk about more in a moment. The wheels have a recess section in them so you put the correct wheels on the correct section. The overall build was fairly simple and even given the lack of instructions created no issues.

The kit comes with a pair of mini-guns for the two gun points though there are other upgrades available on the supplied cards if you don't mind a bit of converting. The holes for the mini-guns are slightly larger than the attachment points on the guns themselves so if you want to have them slot in and out you may need to fill the hole a little.

Here's a few close-up pictures as well.

The Warrig Trailer - Assembled
The trailer main body is a simple tube section to which everything else attaches. This presumably avoided some of the warping issues that inevitably occur with resin cylinders of that size and no doubt saved them a fortune in resin, lol. As the Warrig Trailers weapons are upgrades I've built mine so they can be added or removed as I wish...of course there's nothing to stop you gluing yours in place if you plan on using them every time...

The front section that aligns with the cab has two indentations in it that the cab's exhaust stacks slot into. I've trimmed the central tube back a little to allow the vehicle to swivel at the join and so will probably fill these grooves in at a later date.

The warrig trailer without weapon upgrades...

The Mega-Cannon, Carcuss Catapult and Claw upgrades...

The cannon is in three sections with the main body being a single part and the parts that wrap around the tube being separate. The indentations for the side bits to slot into had a small amount of flash that needed removing before they fitted flush but nothing that a scalpel couldn't handle.

The car is a single piece that needed minimal clean-up.

The claw is in only two pieces with the gripper being separate.

Here's the complete vehicle with the weapon upgrades attached to the trailer.

Here's an 'official' assembled picture so you can see what I mean about the exhaust stacks aligning with the trailer. I prefer my way but the choice is yours.

The Warrig - Comparison Picture
To get an idea of scale here's a picture of the Warrig on a game tile next to an Interceptor car from the same game system. In game terms the Warrig takes up 2x8 squares whereas a normal car takes up 1x2. In real terms it's about 30cm long.

The Warrig - Painted
Here's a few official pictures from their website of a painted version.

Thoughts and comments are (as usual) most welcome.