Hello, Blogsphere my name is JJ and I'm here to make a post.

Where am I?  Is this a blog?  Wondering, getting to the post.

Bought this stuff months ago because of those fragile Harlequins and their little bits.  /looks at them still in their boxes disappointingly.

Working on a commission.  Can you guess what it is?  If you guessed Farsight you are correct!

Used this Army Painter Magic Superglue Activator and holy hanna it works!

As Army Painter describes in a booklet and their website superglue only works when there's an absence of air.  Thus the activator creates a seal between the air and superglue.  And I have to say it is phenomenally well.  Was worried about the water appearance on the model.  After a couple of blows, yes I blow my models what you gonna do about it?, the alcohol evaporated.  Leaving a white streak where the superglue was and secure model.  This created an instant bond without holding pieces together forever.  Which I know we all love.

By the way the alcohol fumes are a great high.  Suffocating air and fumes of alcohol makes a great high.

You may be able to see some white flash under the arm where the superglue activator was applied.

Here is it more pronounced.

Have to admit you can teach an olde dog new tricks.  Love this superglue activator.  Can't wait to use it on my harlequins.  Please give it a go for yourself.

slainte mhath