I have been wanting to make this piece of terrain for a long time now but never seem to get around to it until now that is. It is based on the article from the fantastic book 'How to Make Wargames Terrain' from Games Workshop.

I used an empty plastic yogurt tub as the basic shape. I made the rounded roof with quick dry filler that you would use to fill cracks in your walls. Next to create the wooden structure I used toothpicks and greenstuff.

The leather hides were made from textured paper used for painting watercolour pictures cut out into hide like shapes. I added a small entrance into the hut for added detail. Next was to glue the 'hides' onto the sides of the hut and take note here, there is a correct way to do this otherwise you will end up with strange overlapping so take a minute to lay out your pattern before you glue them down. I made that mistake and am hoping the painting will not make it noticeable.

As I said earlier I was only using the article as a guide so I went for a facecloth for the roof covering which is meant to be bear or similar animal fur.

The piece was based on MDF board for strength and again I used the filler for the ground covering. I will be adding sand as well.

Next painting it all up.