Hi everyone,

I am back with more work on the Bear Clan.  The first figures I decided to paint up are the rank and file bears - if that makes any sense!

These were frankly very easy to paint up and they were ready in an afternoon.
The painting was quick and fun.

Basically, I gave them the base coat, then a darker wash.  After which I dry-brushed them twice with successively lighter shades.  The last step was to add shadows with watered down dark brown and black - and viola a horde of bears!

The models were glued onto the multi-base and I added putty for the ground work basis.  I am really getting fond of this unit.
I also finished the conversion work on the were-bears.  I found some old 54mm scale Celtic shields from an old plastic Celtic set.  I think the set was an Italieri infantry set.  The bottom line is that they fit very nicely with the were-bears.

The conversion work has established two different characters for the were-bears.  One is a warrior in his prime, while the other is older but with a lot of fight in him yet.  Now I just have to paint them up

Until next time, farewell and good health.