Hi everyone,

I have now finished the painting on the were bears.  While the bears were painted in slightly different shades of medium brown, I painted the were-bears tan and black in order to make stick out, but first I had to prime the models a neutral gray and check if there were any problems with the modeling.

The procedure for the painting was basically the same as the normal bears, but with a different colour tone.  I added some bronze metallic to the armour and rims as well.  I figured bronze would suite their culture better.

I kept the shields the same colour to show that they are from the same clan or family.  I also tried to add some more white to the werebear with the spear to indicate and older and wiser bear.

After painting, I tend to glue the miniatures directly to the multi-base.  This case was not an exception.   I also puttied up the ground work around them and painted the base green.
Next post I think I will start the leader unless I start/continue something else.  I will just have to see.  Until then farewell and good health as always.