Adaptors are always nice.
Just a quick one today for the new year. I'm going to try to get through my backlog of posts that I meant to write, so we're going to go from no posts to a post every two days or so for a while. For the 3 of you who are actually still following this blog (hi Mom! Just kidding, even my mom won't follow this), brace yourselves.

So today we have a nifty little kit from Eccentric Miniatures. Or, more specifically, 
two kits, Type A and Type B. We'll get to that in a moment.

With the changeover from 25mm to 32mm bases for GW's standard Space Marines, many gamers were posed with a dilemma: stick all of your Space Marines in the freezer and snap the mini from the base (only if super glued...if you used polystyrene, you will snap off the feet) and then rebase, or try to figure out how to make the base a bit larger? If you are going for the latter solution, these adaptor rings from Eccentric are just the ticket.

My usual stellar lighting and photography.
Each package comes with 12 rings that fit around 25 mm beveled bases. Type A and Type B are identical except for the interior slant angle since different base manufacturers designed them differently. Kudos to eccentric for actually caring enough to figure it out. Type A fits Games Workshop, Forge Craft, Micro Arts, and HiTech. Type B is meant for Warlord, Scibor Miniatures, Secret Weapon, and Titan Forge. You'd have to experiment with other manufacturers' bases, but I will say that Type A fits Dragon Forge bases perfectly.

So how do they work? Simple as pie.

Click to enlarge, although why would you?
 You just put glue (I highly recommend polystyrene for this job) along the sides of the base and on the little mitered angles of the rings and just push together and hold for a few seconds. The polystyrene melts the plastics together, making the join very strong. Make sure you insure that they are flat and flush before the glue sets.

And that's it! At $3.00 per 12, it's a bargain in my book. Of course, there's a bit more work to be done in matching the existing basing material, etc, but to get an army tournament legal for 25 cents each is pretty efficient.

Are there any other alternatives out there? I'd love to see in the comments. Happy New Year!