Hi everyone,

So I have finally finished my first new unit for my Sylvan Army in decades!  I am extremely happy with my new found dedication to getting things done.  I hope this work-drive does not die out in the new year.

So all I had left to paint up was the leader.  This is a somewhat popular miniature among Wood Elf players, but hardly ever showed up in its own unit.  That changes today!

I painted this up over the period of two days.  I chose earth colours as a palette because I wanted him to blend in and not stand out.  I have more or less achieved that.

In my last post on this project I forgot to show an update of the ancient werebear I converted.   Here are some pictures of the chap up close. I gave him a different colour, but I stuck with the same colour for the armour and shield as the other werebear in the unit.

Afterwards, all I had to do was attach them to the base, paint the base green and flock it.  I made a small mistake here.  I should have painted the base a darker green - or at least a shade of green that is darker than the flock.  The shade I chose was very light and you can really see it on close inspection.  A bit irritating, but it serves as a lesson for the future.

Nonetheless, I am really, really liking this unit and cannot wait to field it on the tabletop!
The next unit I will build up is either an elf archer regiment or the Boar Clan unit - a tough choice.  I only have one unit of archers, so this choice would be more out of necessity than pure choice.  I will start posting up progress posts as soon as I decide.

Next week I might post something different like Vikings or a Diorama. I will have to see what takes my fancy!

Until then farewell and good health.