Hi everyone,

So I am  finally back to finish this diorama - which let's face it - is very long overdue.  The problem I had this time was the figures.

The figures I originally bought for it were slightly on the larger side of the 1/72 scale and also periodically much latter than the Merkava 1.  With the building on the smaller side of the 1/72 scale, everything seemed a bit off.  Therefore I decided to hold off the work until I found models that were more appropriate for my needs.

The models I bought belong to a company called Ceasar Miniatures.  They are made of plastic and are mostly used for gaming rather than modelling.  The quality is average, but the size and period are closer to my needs.
At this point, I took what I could find.  I just wanted this diorama finished so I could move on to a new project. On the bright side the box did contain two models of a soldier frisking a civilian which was perfect for the scene.  So everything was not that gloomy. 

Besides the two models mentioned above, I picked another two models to a total of four.  I think this is enough to get the story through - by the way, I have decided to name this diorama On Patrol.

After spending several hours cleaning the models, carefully removing the bases, pinning them to paperclip rods and priming for defects. I began the paint work.
As always I block out the colours to see the overall effect and look of the paint scheme.  Everything seemed OK.  So I gave myself the go ahead to paint on!.
At least now the work is under way and hopefully I will be able to finalize this diorama once and for all in the coming fortnight.

Until then farewell and good health to everyone.