Hi everyone,

A quick update on the painting of the IDF soldiers for my Merkava diorama.  I have managed to find the time to paint up 3 models since last week.

The first two I finished were the soldiers walking on patrol.  The painting is based lightly on the paint scheme given by the Fate of a Nation supplement for Flames of War.  The paint does help bring out some of the character of the models and since a 1/72 diorama is meant to be admired from a least a metre away - the whole thing comes together.

To give an idea how the paint work begins and the result of the finished product, I took a picture of both together to give an idea of how the painting process transforms the model.

The third figure is the civilian being frisked.  I think he needs some more highlights on the red part of his shirt.  I have mentioned this before during the 1/72 Tiger II diorama, that I do not enjoy painting model figures at this scale to high standards - they are just too small for me!  Nonetheless, I am happy with the result overall.

Well, that is all I can manage this week, but the good news is that I am confident that this project will be ready by next week - so stay tuned.

Until then farewell and good health.