Here's my original Furioso Dreadnought. He's a block of metal with no real options, though I magnetized the arms for some reason, and he was one of the kits released along with the Blood Angels 3rd Edition Codex. Since this was when I started playing Blood Angels, I had to pick it up, along with the Baal Predator and the Honor Guard.

Unfortunately, time has not been great to Brother Armedius. I've become a much better painter since then, long passing my old style of painting models flat Blood Red and painting rivets in black. To make matters worse, I varnished him with a poor varnish that stayed glossy and sticky despite supposedly being matte. Eventually, I hit him with some Dullcote, but the damage had been done. There was dust stuck in the varnish and his paint had chipped in several places.

This all combined to make him worthy of a substantial refurbishing (as I comment every time I have to use his picture on the blog). That time is finally here!

Armedius received a fresh coat of Blood Red from my dwindling supply, as well as some shading with Sewer Water and a highlight with Wild Rider Red. I thought about washing the metallics, but I was actually pretty happy with the drybrushing job I did back in the day. Finally, he got a bit of a wargear upgrade.

I had a frag cannon left over from my Death Company Dreadnought, so I decided to finally put those magnetized arms to use. The paint job is the same as on the Dreadnought, but it looks a lot smoother due to my improved technique after all these years. Unfortunately, I can't pair the frag cannon with a heavy flamer since the left arm has a storm bolter molded onto it, but I figure it's better than nothing. 

It just goes to show that you can always update your old models with a bit of effort. This paint job was almost twenty years old. What do you think of him now?