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You might have noticed, we've given the website a bit of a spruce-up. There's a few kinks to sort out, but we're pretty happy with the new look...

Chaosium brings games, designers, and its Cult of Chaos to
UK Games Expo

Next week the Chaosium team will be at UK Games Expo, at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham UK.

Come visit our booth at Stand C5 (NEC Hall 1) for all the latest Chaosium releases, including Pulp Cthulhu, Doors to Darkness and H.P. Lovecraft's The Call of Cthulhu for Beginning Readers, plus some convention specials.

At the booth we'll also have a working prototype of our new Reiner Knizia Cthulhu-themed card game!

Chaosium is taking part in the following scheduled events:
Friday 12.00pm in Piazza 1 - THE RETURN OF RUNEQUEST (SEM2957) 
Rick Meints, Michael O'Brien

Friday 8.00pm  LIVE RPG PLUS (LIV1988)
Mike Mason is one of the all-star panelists for this audience-participation event

Mike Mason, Lynne Hardy

CULT OF CHAOS CONVENTION SCENARIOS (Call of Cthulhu, HeroQuest Glorantha)
Check for available spaces to pre-book a spot.
Chaosium's Mike Mason is part of the panel for this hugely entertaining audience-participation event at UK GAMES EXPO, hosted by Syrinscape. It's a Cthulhu-themed adventure, so Mike will feel right at home!
Tickets available now!

Cult of Chaos needs GMs for Free RPG Day!

It has been officially announced. Chaosium is bringing RuneQuest back with a new edition of the rules, set in the world of Glorantha. While the official release of the game is still some time off, the first release is the Quickstart Rule book as part of Free RPG Day, this June.

We are a Gold-level supporter, which means 10 copies will be sent to each of the participating stores. In support of this, we are seeking Gamemasters to run "The Broken Tower", the new adventure that comes as part of the RuneQuest Quickstart.

We'd like you to pair up with a participating Friendly Local Game Store, or if there isn't one near you, any FLGS that's willing to let you run a game that weekend.

You run at least one table of the adventure (runs 4-5 hours).

In return, we'll grant you access to a PDF of the rules and adventure in the week before Free RPG Day, which you need to study and absorb in order to run a great game at the game store. Our 48 page booklet has everything you need to start playing, including 5 pregen characters.

Note: rules for Free RPG Day prohibit playing the game before that date, Saturday June 17th 2018.

Here's what to do if you want to take part

  • Find a retailer, preferably a participating FLGS, but you can play the game at any game store or similar venue.
  • Contact them about running this adventure that weekend (June 17).
  • Email Todd Gardiner, Chaosium's Director of Organized Play with the store details. While your at it, if you haven't done so already join the Cult of Chaos, our organized play and GM program (it's free).
  • Todd will contact the store to confirm your table reservation and then add you to our GM team!
  • The week before Free RPG Day you'll get sent the RuneQuest Quickstart PDF 

A Sneak Look Inside Call of Cthulhu's

As the print editions of The Grand Grimoire and The Two Headed Serpent make their way to our shores by container ship, our wonderful printers flew us over us some advance copies, direct from the Orient. Here, Chaosium President Rick Meints gives you a sneak look inside each of them:
Remember, buy the PDF now, and you'll get the full price of the PDF off when you purchase it in print at

Gen Con update:

Play Call of Cthulhu for a Worthy Cause with James Lowder as your Keeper!

The award-winning writer and editor James Lowder, Chaosium's Executive Editor for Fiction, is Keeper for a special Call of Cthulhu session at Gen Con in aid of the Worldbuilders charity ("geeks doing good").
More details at the link.

Our friends at the H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society helped inaugurate their new Glendale headquarters earlier this month with a Call of Cthulhu game night. They played our scenario 'Dead Light', and we sent over some extra Call of Cthulhu swag for the players.
The HPLHS's new digs are at 1644 Victory Blvd., Glendale CA 91201
What is Ab Chaos?
(...from Ab Chaos #7, May 31 1992)

Ab - Latin "from"
Chaos - (1) Any condition or place of total disorder (modern vernacular); (2) the disordered state of unformed matter which preceded creation (since Milton, Paradise Lost); (3) the dark, empty space which preceded creation (Greek Mythology); (4) the [formerly] Californian roleplaying game company.

Ab Chaos is an informal newsletter for Chaosium fans. Through our history we have tried to serve the players and gamemasters through craft and art as well as (and sometimes at the expense of) marketing and moneymaking. We appreciate your loyalty, and offer this communication to those who are curious about us, beyond the mere "product".

It is planned to be informal and irregular. We are, after all, not the Orderium.
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