"No...I'm not here to mow the lawn..."

The Reaper is a character model for Word Forge Games post-apocalyptic miniatures game 'The Devils Run' expansion 'Reapers Revenge'. He's in 32mm scale...

The Devils Run
The Devil's Run: Route 666 is a fast-moving and hard-hitting vehicular combat board game set in a post-apocalyptic America; Each player controls a gang of ramshackle vehicles and their characterful drivers as they race across the remains of America to lay claim to aid drops, food and fuel. Each gang will do whatever it takes to get to there first...bash, crash, smash, race, win!

A Note About Resin Models.
Due to the moulding process many resin models come with extraneous bits of resin that needs to be removed ranging from large lumps to smaller bits of flash and this should be removed carefully in order to avoid damaging any detail. Also it's worth noting that many resin models have a slightly greasy feel caused by the substance they use to stop them sticking to the moulds during production and this can cause issues with paint not sticking to the model properly. Carefully washing the parts in soapy water will remove this should your model be unduly affected. Parts that are bent (or that aren't and you want to be) can be corrected by heating up slightly in warm water and then bending into the required configuration.

The Reaper - Unassembled
Here are some pictures of the model in it's unassembled form.

The Reaper - Stat Card
The Reaper model comes without cards as they are in the Reapers Revenge set. If you're using him for his intended purpose with that particular box then this isn't a problem...and if you're using him for something else then you don't need the cards anyway...

The Reaper - Assembled
This model is single piece though does require the removal of some excess resin from the moulding process. He comes with a 25mm base but could easily be put on a 30mm or similar should you have purchased the model for some other game system. My partner is currently in the process of painting this model for me and I'll add some painted pictures to the article when she's done...

The Reaper - Rotational View
Here's a rotational view.

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