Unsurprisingly this Kickstarter is doing rather well...

Where to Start?

We've eradicated eight Stretch Goals already. Here's the list!

Some things you may notice...

Yes folks, this was my most closely-held secret. Now the tale can be told. After all, it was me, Sandy, who actually INVENTED the concept of Investigators (Call of Cthulhu RPG, 1981).

Investigators are basically poisoned chalices (a bit like other units that hurt their controllers - Y’Golonac, Bokrug, the Servitors, or the Dark Demons). Each investigator is named, and has his own unique ability.

You earn an Investigator during the Doom phase (similar to the way you get Neutral Monsters). However, you always give that investigator to a player who doesn’t yet have one.

Each player can only be stuck with one investigator for a game. Each Investigator comes with his own unique ability, always harmful for the owner. And they have other skills which all work together as a mix. As we reveal more investigators over time, we will reveal more of their potential.

We've unlocked two Investigators already. There are four more to go!

We've been improving the contents of the Shaggai Map product, but made a big announcement you might like to know about: Anyone backing at the Yothan, Hound of Tindalos or Great Old One level will get the 6-8 Player Shaggai Map for FREE!

3mm Doom & Ritual Tracks!

This is another crazy thing we keep getting requests for. It is an Add-On right now for $15. Also, it is included in EVERY core game going forward (just like the die-cut Faction cards). We dislike multiple versions of the same item, at least for printed components, so all the new core games made from this Kickstarter will come with 3mm die cut Doom and Ritual Tracks. So, if you are at the Acolyte or Great Old One pledge level, you will get this for free, right now, no add-on needed.

Everyone else, it is an optional add on for $15.

To be clear, Cthulhu Wars core games will no longer come with the thinner, cardstock Doom and Ritual Tracks - we will not offer them as an add-on, and will never reprint them.

Dire Azathoth!?!

So... we had the idea last week, to add a new really neat thing to the campaign, based on your feedback. Everyone loved Dire Cthulhu. SO... I started brooding on Dire Azathoth. Why? Well, even as I was concerned that our former Cthulhu was so svelte, I was never fully happy with our Azathoth. For me (I realize this is subjective) Azathoth was one of our weaker Great Old One designs. He looks a little too much like a fatter Nyarlathotep, or maybe an interstellar starfish. He certainly doesn't (to me) seem to be literally the most terrifying entity in the universe. So a new Azathoth seemed like a good idea, IF we could fund it. Since it would be a large, detailed, and expensive figure, this was tough to figure out.

Anyway, this week Kent Hamilton (our Onslaught 3 artist) was visiting me – (we were actually discussing a future project), and I broached the subject of Dire Azathoth to him. He loved it and we started beating our brains out on what this entity should look like. He has already begun! We have a sculptor lined up (one of our best) and we are going to have this puppy put together and good to go by the end of the campaign (because we don't want to violate our China-ready ideal).

Anyway, we are really proud of what this looks like, and I'm excited to improve upon a sculpt that now might be an "earlier stage" of Azathoth's development. However, Petersen Games has a confession to make. We did not plan for, nor allow for, the construction of this impressive new model (it's big, too – one of my issues with the old Azathoth model was that it was only middling in size). So how could we handle the cost? It became even harder, because we had just made the decision to add the gigantic $30 6-8 Player Shaggai map to most pledge levels (Yothan, Hound of Tindalos and Great Old One), unexpectedly. Again this was done at your feedback. You the backers talked us into it. But it takes a bite out of our budget. Don't get me wrong – I'm not complaining, and we were happy to make y'all happy. But it was an unforeseen part of the campaign.

It turns out that the only way we can do Dire Azathoth is if it is an add-on, instead of a stretch goal. So, it is NOT included in anyone's pledge. To get the new Dire Azathoth, just increase the amount of your pledge by $15.

The good news is this. We were able to discount it significantly from the eventual retail price. (Thus, we're only charging $15 for it instead of $25.) Yes this cuts into our bottom line, but you're worth it. The other good news is that since it's NOT a stretch goal, we don't have to wait for it to fund. We can make it available right away! That's exciting to me, at least.

The other good news is that you can watch Kent Hamilton create this masterwork as he does it. He may even be streaming his creative process at some point.
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