Well I'll apology for going so long without a post but work and nonwork life have been a bit busy lately.  Things are starting to get a lot calmer now though and I'm back to making some progress.  I'm working back through my Eridani Light Horse 21st Striker Regiment and getting a lot of things finished up.  As everyone hopefully remembers, I've used the outline in the original BattleTech Mercenary's Handbook as a guide for my take on the Eridani Light Horse.
So let's start with the Command Company and see what it looks like now.  I still need to make bases for the Mechanized Infantry Platoon that are in the hover transports.  Once again for those who don't remember, the double base models are 40K Epic artillery and rhinos to represent Long Toms and the hover transports started out as Tyrs.
21st Striker Regiment (Four Horsemen)
    Colonel Charles K. Winston
Command Company
Regimental Command Lance
    Colonel Charles K. Winston, Cyclops
    Captain George Horten, Awesome
    Captain Xavier Trompe, Warhammer
    Lt. Heather Broxtin, Quickdraw
Security Lance
    Captain Paul Hauser, Hunchback
    Lt. Kevin DeSoto, Archer
    Lt. Tomas Gage, Dervish
    Lt. Elliot Sheridan, Hunchback
Artillery Lance
    Captain Geoffrey Watkins
    Lt. Greerson Holland, Long Tom
    Lt. Carson Tainer, Long Tom
    Lt. Howard Redmann, Long Tom
    Lt. Olivia Winslowe, Long Tom
    Lt, Oleg Planatov, Demolisher
    Lt. Ian O'Kennesy, Demolisher
1st Infantry Platoon - Motorized Infantry
    Lt. Walter Allenby
    Sgt. Douglas Haig, Trucks
    Cpl. James Fisher, Trucks
    Cpl. Henry Prescott, Trucks
    Cpl. John Howe, Trucks
2nd Infantry Platoon - Mechanized Infantry
    Lt. Robert Paine
    Sgt. Doug Steele - Hover Transport
    Cpl. Amanda Hallister - Hover Transport
    Cpl. Edmund Burdette - Hover Transport
    Cpl. William Bagwell - Hover Transport

Next up is the 3rd Striker Battalion.  All the mechs in the Battalion are now based but the company of Aerospace Fighters have only received the base coat green.  The fighters should be on the table for paint the last half of next week.  The only Mech conversion in this group is the Shadowhawk that has a gun added to replace the one it was missing.
3rd Striker Battalion (Jamal's Plague)
Battalion Command Lance (Jamal's Guards)
    Major Jamal Fallehy, Awesome
    Captain Steven Bergstrom, Panther
    Lt. Abigail Tawney, Awesome
    Lt. Charles Hollister, Flashman
9th Company (Kentrick's Company)
Command Lance
    Captain Brent Kentrick,, Crockett
    Ian Mallory, Trebuchet
    Byron Waters, Urbanmech
    Timothy Beale, Panther
Strike Lance
    Lt. Catelyn Robinette, Thorn
    Jason Winthrop, Dervish
    Eric Brentwood, Shadowhawk
    Padraig O'Malley, Javelin
Recon Lance
    Lt. Paul Straub, Cicada
    Susan Hibson, Assassin
    Victor Osborne, Commando
    Todd Newland, Cicada
14th Company (Paulson's Roadrunners)
Command Lance
    Captain Cynthia Paulson, Warhammer
    Darius Albright, Commando
    Hiroshi Yoshida, Panther
    Timo Malinov, Rifleman
Strike Lance
    Lt. Piotr Orlov, Warhammer
    Jocelyn Tully, Archer
    Ellinore Maitland, Dragon
    Spencer Yeats, Archer
Recon Lance
    Lt. Marcus Wolcott, Cicada
    Antoine Kearns, Stinger
    Nathan Pretloe, Locust
    Otojiro Horii, Assassin
85th Company (Benton's Brown Bombers)
Command Lance
    Captain Nathaniel Benton, Shilone Aerospace Fighter
    Sylvester Callahan, Shilone Aerospace Fighter
Support Lance
    Lt. Kevin Tobin, Shilone Aerospace Fighter
    Iosef Serov, Shilone Aerospace Fighter
Strike Lance
    Lt. Jacob Weiss, Shilone Aerospace Fighter
    Astrid Kingsford, Shilone Aerospace Fighter
Recon Lance
    Lt. Brian Lockesly, Transgressor Aerospace Fighter
    Giles Crowelly, Transgressor Aerospace Fighter
So that's it for now and it's coming along nicely I think.  I've got 25 more mechs to get based and that'll have all the mechs in the Regiment completed.  At that point it'll just leave 5 vehicles that need basing and then all the Aerospace Fighters that need painted.  So that's all for now and I'll see you next time.