So here is the last battalion of my Eridani Light Horse 21st Striker Regiment, the 1st Armored Infantry Regiment.  I still need to come up with a Rommel/Patton or Von Luckner tank to finish off the Command Lance of the Tin Can Company.  I added a scratch build command track to the 2 Infantry Companies.  Also not having any Long Toms, the artillery lance of the Boomer Company is made up of Sturmfeurs and LRM Carriers.  The engineer platoon with my scratch built engineering vehicles is probably my favorite unit of the entire force and I'm really happy with how they came out.
1st Armored Infantry Battalion (Mighty Mites)
Battalion Command Lance
    Major Samuel Perrow, Victor
    Captain Brian Braddock, Warhammer
    Lt. Amanda Sydon, Warhammer
    Lt. Tim Phillips, Rifleman
Tin Can Company
Command Lance
    Captain Klaus Hesse, Von Luckner
    Lt. Andrew Fisher. Von Luckner
    Sgt. Will Yeats, Von Luckner
    Sgt. Joe Fairmount, Rommel/Patton
    Sgt. Bradley Sinclair, Rommel/Patton
    Sgt. Roger Penrose,
Strike Lance
    Lt Llewellyn Trent, Ontos
    Sgt. Simon Griffith, Ontos
    Sgt. Doug Puller, Ontos
    Sgt. Jamie Redmund, Ontos
    Sgt. Collin Westworth, Hetzer
    Sgt. Linnet Paulus, Hetzer
Recon Lance
    Lt. Owen Rache, Saladin
    Sgt. Edward Niven, Saladin
    Sgt. Amanda Downing, Saladin
    Sgt. David Brogues, Saladin
    Sgt. Victor Ramius, Pegasus
    Sgt. Nikolai Bondarenko, Pegasus
Alpha Company
    Captain Lila Oakwood, Mobile Command Vehicle
1st Platoon - Motorized Infantry
    Lt. Hector Torres
    Sgt. George Osbourne, Trucks
    Cpl. Allison Blaire, Trucks
    Cpl. Ian O'Cleary, Trucks
    Cpl. Jason Allenby, Trucks
2nd Platoon - Mechanized Infantry
    Lt. Tuck Miller
    Sgt. Owen Yardley, Halftracks
    Cpl. Chris Morrigan, Halftracks
    Cpl. James Holmes, Halftracks
    Cpl. Abigail O'Reilly, Halftracks
3rd Platoon - Mechanized Infantry
    Lt. Richard Diego
    Sgt. Steve MacGarrett, Halftracks
    Cpl. Daniel Bull, Halftracks
    Cpl. Olivet Theisman, Halftracks
    Cpl. Seth Maerkas, Trucks
4th Platoon - Mechanized Infantry
    Lt. Vince Tulane
    Sgt. Patricia Parks, Goblin Medium Tank
    Cpl. Nathan Holmes, Goblin Medium Tank
    Cpl. Richard Pressby, Goblin Medium Tank
    Cpl. Dayvid Webley, Goblin Medium Tank
Bravo Company
    Captain Katherine Burke, Mobile Command Vehicle
1st Platoon - Jump Infantry
    Lt. Nathaniel Greer
    Sgt. Eduard Altunin
    Cpl. David Tabanne
    Cpl, Lionel Foley
    Cpl. Percy Neville
2nd Platoon - Infantry
    Lt. Erica Tansey
    Sgt. Franklin Owens. A Squad
    Cpl. Vincent Lewis, B Squad
    Cpl, Ernest Wexton, C Squad
    Cpl. Ilya Vaneyev, D Squad
3rd Platoon - Infantry
    Lt. Jeffrey Moore
    Sgt. Mikhail Taussig, A Squad
    Cpl. Sean Ambrose, B Squad
    Cpl, Grigori Dalmatov, C Squad
    Cpl. Elliot Slater, D Squad
4th Platoon - Engineers
    Lt. Colin MacGuire
    Sgt. Edward Harding, Engineering Vehicle
    Cpl. Perry Gibbons, Engineering Vehicle
    Cpl, James Candless, Engineering Vehicle
    Cpl. Anthony Troubridge, Engineering Vehicle
Boomer Company
Command Lance
    Captain Paul Sandoval, Sturmfeur
    Lt. Manfred VanGeller, Sturmfeur
    Lt. Trevor Gillespee, LRM Carrier
    Lt. Victoria Pollack, LRM Carrier
    Lt. Emilio Ortiz, LRM Carrier
    Lt. Sonya Lindh, LRM Carrier
AA Lance
    Lt. Thomas Clavell, Rifleman
    Jon Waverly, Rifleman
    Gwen Herdez, Longbow
    Eamon O'Neil, Longbow
So next up will be trying to get all the aerospace fighters finished.  I'm also looking into doing a 3rd Battalion of Donegal Guard to finish off that regiment as well.  And then there is the Militia unit to finish.  Ok, yeah, I can pile up projects like the best of them.  I'll see you all next time and thanks for stopping by.  Comments, queries, and suggestions are, as always, appreciated.