Hi everyone,

This post continues last week's Hombi project for Infinity, as well as any other Sci-Fi game out there.

I also tried placing two models in the vehicle just to try it out.  I think the Hombi is an excellent piece of inter-active terrain and I can already imagine several scenarios that will allow the models to carry out missions by activating the vehicle.

After building up the body and the chassis, the next step was to paint up the interior.  The colours are not very fancy, but I did go a bit overboard with the seats - and this was on purpose.
I also decided to add some putty to the front and back lights.  Once again this gives the vehicle that little extra three dimensional look.  I also went around sealing gaps with putty in order to tie the model together.

The last step for this post was to start painting up the base colours for the exterior.  As is typical of me, I went with the same colour scheme as the artwork.

That is all this week.  Next week will be the last post for this project and this little space hippy car should be ready.  Until then farewell and good health everyone.