The Ork codex for warhammer 40,000 8th edition hasn’t come out yet but with the announcement that Chapter Approved 2017 will include faction rules that means they’re finally getting some rules for their clans! I thought it would be fun to guess what the rules will be.


Ork Boy Goff Clan
Credit: wibblethefish

The Goff clan is known for massed infantry & dreadnought mobs. And not just quantity. Their infantry is supposed to be the biggest and strongest.

You may have heard of Ghazgul Thraka – arguably the baddest ork around. He’s a Goff.

Goff Rules

For their rules I want to encourage as many boys & dreadnoughts as possible.

I’d give them a rule similar to the World Eaters legion: give them +1 attack on the charge.

That would mean a mob of boys 30 boys would hit with 5 attacks per model! That’s 150 attacks.

Or you could give them +1 to wound similar to Blood Angels. I’d personally go for the +1 attack option. That encourages you to bring hordes of boys. Where the +1 to wound might mean you are incentivized to bring specialist troops like burnas, tank bustas, kommandos, etc. Either one will work well but I have a slight preference for +1 attack.

Evil Sunz

Ork Trukk Evil Sunz Clan
Evil Sunz Ork Trukk by Taytonclait

Evil Sunz are known for their speed, painting everything red, bikes, and anything to do with going fast.

Evil Sunz are my favorite clan – probably because I played against Orks when the Armageddon campaign was going on and there were special rules for them.

They’re very reminiscent of Mad Max and I love that. I want to see more of that on the table.

Evil Sunz Rules

Design wise we want players to bring as many trukk boys, trukks, bikes, buggies, and planes as possible.

One option is to give them a rule similar to the Black Legion where could give them the ability to turn a rapid fire weapon instead an assault weapon. But almost all Ork weapons are already assault weapons.

I’d tweak this so Speed Freakz ignore the -1 penalty for advancing and shooting an assault weapon. That way they’re always advancing which is scary fast.

We could give them the ability to roll 3 advance dice like that Kraken hive fleet and pick the highest. They’d move faster but their shooting would be 1/2 as effective and I don’t think that would make them fun to play against.

The downside of both of these rules is you might see mobs of boys instead of buggies & bikes. I’d tweak these clan rules to give bikes & buggies the ability to ignore the -1 for advancing and shooting assault weapons. And apply this bonus to infantry riding embarked inside vehicles.

As a stratagem I’d love to see something like 2 command points and a squad of Ork infantry in a trukk can disembark after moving and still assault as per normal.

Bad Moons

Ork Boy Bad Moons Clan
Credit: Musibat-Khan

Bad Moons are known for being the richest Orks (because they grow extra teeth and orks use teeth for currency – yes seriously).

They have the fanciest weapons. Lots of kombi-weapons & mega armor. Showing this on the table is harder because you want to encourage Mega Nobz and special weapons.

Bad Moons Rules

Maybe something that increases the AP of a weapon by 1. Assuming it already has an AP value. That will encourage fewer regular boys and more special equipment.

You could also let Bad Moons shoot all combi-weapons without the -1 modifier. That would encourage a lot more combi weapons.

For a stratagem it would be cool to allow Bad Moon Mega Nobs to teleport onto the table for 1CP.

Also bring back Nazdreg – the only named Bad Moons character.


Credit: MarcWasHere

Deathskullz are the Kleptomaniacs of the Ork race. They love looting (stealing) & scavenging the battlefield. You want to encourage Lootaz and stolen tanks (which isn’t currently unit).

They also love blue warpaint because they believe blue is the lucky color.

Deathskulls Rules

Similar to the Jormungander Tyranid Hive Fleet you could give units that don’t move a +1 cover bonus.

For a stratagem you could allow them to take control of a vehicle they destroyed in close combat for a single phase shooting attack. This represents them taking it apart and shooting it with whatever ammo is remaining.

Blood Axe

Ork Blood Axe Kommandos
Credit: Musibat-Khan

The Blood Axe’s are considered unorky by some. They use this thing called tactics, strategy, and camouflage.

Blood Axe Rules

We could give them the ability to make their opponents -1 to hit similar to raven guard. But their camouflage is described as “lurid” so I don’t think it’s that good. My preference would be preventing enemies from firing overwatch.

It affects any units with shooting attacks and especially any units with flamers. This encourages Kommandos and regular ork boys using these clan rules.


Snakebites are traditionalists. They try not to use too much technology and they are great at breeding squigs ( & squiggoths).

Snakebite Rules

This is again going to be tricky. We want to encourage people to use slugga boys instead of shoota boys. We also want to encourage squiggoths which aren’t even a normal GW model.

We could give Ork infantry equipped with a choppa a magical tattoo bonus. A 6+ feel no pain save. They had that in years past and it would encourage boys and we could also pass this onto squiggoths so they’re also encouraged.

A 6+ feel no pain save is basically what Iron Hands chapter have. And since these orks have magical tattoos I think that’s a very fair rule.


Chapter Approved is due out in a few days so we’ll know the answers soon enough. It was definitely fun to try to guess these faction rules before they’re announced. Hopefully I’ll get some of these right!