Quick hit this evening, only got a little brush time in today but it was enough to warrant a terrible pun!

Got Horus's head painted up to the point where I can now consider mucking it up with OSL. Rather pleased with how it's come along so far and part of me is shouting "leave well enough alone!"

I do find it interesting how much of the under-colors pop out in the pictures under the daylight lamps. To the naked eye, many of the yellows and browns are far more subdued and blended. That's likely more down to my photo setup than anything else. I ought to put some parchment paper over the lamp to stop it from being quite so harsh.

In any case, pretty happy with the head and looking forward to getting started on the rest of the model. It really deserves a deliberate, careful approach so I am going to try not to rush it. Speedy batch painting is fine for rank and file models, but a Primarch deserves better!