Ended up getting a fair bit of brush time in on Sunday afternoon and after work today, and got to what I'm thinking will be the penultimate session. One more good push and I should be able to carry him to the finish line!

Added some subtle oranges and reds to the undersides of Horus's face, and gave the interior of the armor the same treatment. Then came the nerve-wracking installation of the head. Decided on the 'looking out over his forces' facing rather than down the haft of worldbreaker, as the OSL looked a little better in this facing.

I like to take a picture near the end like this (though I don't always post them) as it helps me step back from the model and really take stock of what remains to be done before sealing. I need to give all the metals and the cloak a further wash and highlight, as well as do a little cleanup here and there, paint the base rims, etc.

Overall I'm really happy with how he's coming along, the model has been an absolute joy to paint and I'm looking forward to getting a family photo with him surrounded by the rest of the Sons of Horus!