So this past Saturday I got to celebrate part of my birthday with a game of BattleTech against Cheef.  To make it even more unique and memorable, we went with identical forces so no need to point up lists.  So we broke out the cutting edge of technology and pitted a lance of UrbanMechs from my Davion's Caselton Militia against his lance of UrbanMechs from the Marik Militia.  Once the terrain was set up, we would be having as Cheef put it "Urban Warfare in the Woods".
This was also a chance to get not only my larger BattleTech terrain that I've been working on onto the table but also all my finished scatter terrain as well.  We set up on a 4x4 table with plenty of room for our very slow mechs to maneuver.  I set up my terrain as the defender with HPG Station, mobile satellite launch platform, a new power station I've been working on (more on it in a post later this week), the storage tanks, and then the small terrain such as a couple bunkers, defensive towers, and sensor stations.  My small factory piece is on the hill and just off to the right bottom edge of the picture.
So here we see our antagonists for a pre-fight picture.  It was nice to have an all painted battle as the next table over featured a second BattleTech game that was silver on silver.  Whaaaaaat two BattleTech games being played at the same time?  I know, crazy right?  While we had the nice clean high tech looking lanced of painted and based UrbanMechs, they had a fugly Blitzkreig and some other stuff.  So winner our game for the cool factor.
Here we are all deployed in the picture above.  Marik has three mechs coming through the woods and the fourth up on a hill for support fire.  My Davions are looking to repel the invaders and hopefully gain enough scrap and parts to keep their own mechs in top fighting shape.  I mean it's always good when the replacements come to you right?
Early on we saw some ranged shots from all the AC/10s but few hits.  All of our pilots seemed quite rusty but since the mechs are lightly armored, even a single hit from an AC/10 does serious damage.
As we got closer to each other, the hits started to add up.  I was definitely more lucky than Cheef when it came to achieving critical hits but he was getting more hits overall.  We both had 3 mechs in the woods battling while my fourth had a long range duel with his fourth on the hill where they both battered each other senseless.
The first "kill" of the game was one of mine who lost a leg and was rendered combat ineffective.  I ended up finally taking out one of his as well by getting down to being able to pretty much hit it anywhere for it to die.  So about this point I managed to get a head shot with two criticals that take out the pilot with extreme efficiency.  So after having my 3 facing his 4, it's now in my advantage with 3 on 2.
Several mechs are getting to the point of barely functional at this point in the game.  I ended up with one mech that had lost both weapons, had no where left to absorb a hit left, and is too slow to retreat, so what to do .....
That's right, it still has jump jets so who WOULDN'T do a death from above attack?  It doesn't matter that he took a shot on the way in and denied the actual attack, the sight of an UrbanMech trying to Death From Above another UrbanMech is cool as all get out!

But as he DID get finished off ont he way in, this puts us both at two mechs upright, enough armor between them to have one intact UrbanMech, and 3 small lasers as their combined armament because we're all out of AC/10 ammo at this point.  I have one mech that is barely intact and the other while in much better shape, doesn't have a small laser.  Cheef has one mech that has taken both engine and heat sink crits to the point that shooting the small laser or even walking will overheat it and then a mech that was tottering with little left like mine was.  So at this point we called it a draw and the remnants of both sides withdrew before some squirrels or a possom came down out of one of the trees to finish them all off.
Cause yeah, UrbanMechs are THAT cool!
All in all it was a very fun game with some memorable moments.  I'm definitely looking forward to doing something similar again sometime.  So that's all we have for now and thanks for stopping by!  See you all next time!