Leftenant Franklin Smythe, newly graduated from Kilbourne Academy, was sorely disappointed when he was assigned command of an armored lance in a militia command no less.  But then Caselton was visited by a raiding lance of Marik Militia and he saw his chance for glory.  Using his personality to overwhelm his rather meek commanding officer, he was now on the way to lead a reprisal raid against the same militia unit that attacked Caselton.  He and his two platoons of armor will return to glory, promotions, and recognition.  He'd show them all he should be in charge of a line unit of mechs or die trying.
So the all UrbanMech battle was a lot of fun and we decided to follow it up with an all armor battle that will take place tomorrow evening.  It's set for 8,000 Battle Value per side which should shake out to right at 8 or so vehicles.  Well for me it was 8 anyway, a nice round 2 platoons.  We'll see how this round of battle comes out with the first round being a draw.  Considering the size of my BattleTech collection, it feels good to get some fo them on the table.
I also got a few more models for my Bolt Action heroes.  First up is a Dr. Mid-Nite.  A great classic JLA-er, he was one I definitely wanted to work into the collection.  He got a quick rebasing and into the group he went.  He had a great pose and detailing, so I'm happy I found this version of him.
I couldn't tell you who this model was orginally but he'll be acting as a Green Hornet in my force.  A nice pulp fiction favorite that has too much personality to not be included.  He's not quite the original but he's close enough that it'll work for me.
I also did a couple noncombatants up to represent scientists to be used as high value targets for Bolt Action games.  They're nice models and after a rebasing didn't need any touch ups and are good to go.

So that's all for now and I'm glad you all stopped by.  I should have the BattleTech BatRep up sometime early next week unless the weather causes some issues with playing the game.  That's all for now and I'll see you next time!