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Photo of STAR TREK ADVENTURES MINIATURES: ROMULAN STRIKE TEAM (MUH051080)Photo of African War Elephant (VXA029)What already!? I hear you cry. I know we sent out a newsletteronly last week, but if you recall, I apologised because we had to miss out so much stuff last time.
Kev and I were chatting, and we decided we'd send out another newsletter in quick succession to cover the excellent products we didn't tell you about.
OAK103 - Great Goblin, Shaman, DrummerOAK104 - Goblin ChampionsTop of the tree is just to let you all know the pre-orders for Oathmark Goblins have been sent out. I'm very pleased about this because I wasn't sure we could do it, but we have. I expect most people in the UK and Europe will get theirs before Christmas. I can't make the same promise further afield. I'm sorry to say some orders to places, like Canada in particular, have taken 6 weeks to arrive this year, I can't imagine with the Christmas post it will have got better. Fingers crossed everyone will be spending their holiday break gluing and painting Goblins!
Photo of Primus Dominus (WBGOR101)Photo of Gladiator Ally (WBGOR106)We are taking pre-orders now for Gangs of Rome, a new game and figure range from our friends atWar Banner. The bundle deals are the perfect way to get you really into the game, and you get two limited edition character figures with each one. We're planning to get everything out to you in January 2018.
Photo of The Dark Confederate Posse (DRAC203)Photo of Supernatural Unwelcome Guests (DRAC206)Dracula's America. Are you playing yet? If not, perhaps all you were waiting for was a Posse all worked out for you. Well, we've done it! Have a look below at the new Dracula's America posse deals. On the subject of Dracula's America, there will be asupplement for the game with new posses, new adventures, coming out in January. We will be stocking it of course and we will be doing new figures for the new Posses. Keep following the newsletters for more information.
Photo of Saga (BP1325)Photo of Varjazi & Basileus (BP1388)Saga. The most popular Dark Age skirmish game in the history of wargaming is planned for a revamp next year. Saga 2 is coming out early 2018. If you don't have Saga 1, now is the time to buy it because we're selling off our last copies at half price. It'd be an idea to add it to your games library, and there's a good few months of Dark Age gaming before Saga 2 comes out.
Photo of STAR TREK ADVENTURES MINIATURES: THE ORIGINAL SERIES BRIDGE CREW (MUH051084)Photo of Significant Clues (PMH02)So have a look through the newsletter, there's new stuff from Team Yankee, Victrix, Modiphius' Star Trek, Pulp Figures and much more.
I wish you a Merry Christmas, we will contact you before the 'big day' so you'll get another cheery message this year, and I hope we've something here you want for your present under the Christmas Tree.
Wishing you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Gangs of Rome
Gangs of Rome
Inspired by the history of the great city, Gangs of Rome takes place in the shadows of the Empire where the heads of ambitious houses have gathered fighters forged hard by the streets to do their bidding and enact their schemes.
Coming January 2018
Photo of Gangs of Rome Rulebook (WBGORRB)Photo of Fighter Primus (WBGOR001)Photo of Fighter Secundus (WBGOR002)
WBGORRB - Gangs of Rome RulebookWBGOR001 - Fighter PrimusWBGOR002 - Fighter Secundus
Photo of Fighter Tertius (WBGOR003)Photo of Fighter Quartus (WBGOR004)Photo of Fighter Quintus (WBGOR005)
WBGOR003 - Fighter TertiusWBGOR004 - Fighter QuartusWBGOR005 - Fighter Quintus
Photo of Fighter Sextus (WBGOR006)Photo of Fighter Septimus (WBGOR007)Photo of Fighter Octavus (WBGOR008)
WBGOR006 - Fighter SextusWBGOR007 - Fighter SeptimusWBGOR008 - Fighter Octavus
Photo of Fighter Nonus (WBGOR009)Photo of Fighter Decimus (WBGOR010)Photo of Primus Dominus (WBGOR101)
WBGOR009 - Fighter Nonus WBGOR010 - Fighter DecimusWBGOR101 - Primus Dominus
Photo of Secundus Dominus (WBGOR102)Photo of Tertius Dominus (WBGOR103)Photo of Quartus Dominus (WBGOR104)
WBGOR102 - Secundus DominusWBGOR103 - Tertius DominusWBGOR104 - Quartus Dominus
Photo of Agente (WBGOR105)Photo of Gladiator Ally (WBGOR106)Photo of Fierce Mastiff (WBGOR107)
WBGOR105 - AgenteWBGOR106 - Gladiator AllyWBGOR107 - Fierce Mastiff
Photo of Jigsaw Base & 7 Flesh Markers (WBGORC1)Photo of Gang Fighter ID Markers (40) (WBGORC2)Photo of Roman Numeral Dice (10) (WBGORDICE)
WBGORC1 - Jigsaw Base & 7 Flesh MarkersWBGORC2 - Gang Fighter ID Markers (40)WBGORDICE - Roman Numeral Dice (10)
Photo of Mob Primus (WBGORM01)Photo of Mob Secundus (WBGORM02)Photo of Mob Tertius (WBGORM03)
WBGORM01 - Mob PrimusWBGORM02 - Mob SecundusWBGORM03 - Mob Tertius
Photo of Gangs of Rome Gaming Mat (WBGORMAT)Photo of Mixed Activation Pebbles (10) (WBGORPMIX)Photo of Black Activation Pebbles (10) (WBGORPPB)
WBGORMAT - Gangs of Rome Gaming MatWBGORPMIX - Mixed Activation Pebbles (10)WBGORPPB - Black Activation Pebbles (10)
Photo of Blue Activation Pebbles (10) (WBGORPPBL)Photo of Green Activation Pebbles (10) (WBGORPPG)Photo of Red Activation Pebbles (10) (WBGORPPR)
WBGORPPBL - Blue Activation Pebbles (10)WBGORPPG - Green Activation Pebbles (10)WBGORPPR - Red Activation Pebbles (10)
Photo of White Activation Pebbles (10) (WBGORPPW) Photo of Yellow Activation Pebbles (10) (WBGORPPY)
WBGORPPW - White Activation Pebbles (10) WBGORPPY - Yellow Activation Pebbles (10)
Dracula's America: Shadows of the West is a skirmish game of gothic horror set in an alternate Old West.
Dracula's America: Shadows of the West is a skirmish game of gothic horror set in an alternate Old West. Secret wars rage across the country - from bustling boom-towns to the most remote wilderness - as cults and secret societies fight for power and survival.
Ready made Posses to use in Dracula's America
Battlefronts Team Yankee
Battlefront MiniaturesBattlefront MiniaturesBattlefront Miniatures'
Team Yankee
Photo of Stripes (FW912)Stripes
The United States has the most powerful armed forces in the world. Three army corps stand ready to defend Western Europe from the red horde poised across the Iron Curtain.
The US Marine Corps’ amphibious troops are ready to be deployed where needed with their own tanks, Light Armored Vehicles, and hard fighting infantry, backed by their own support. Those commies won’t know what hit them!
Photo of Ryan's Leathernecks (TUSAB3 )Ryan's Leathernecks
Plastic Army Deal. Contains three plastic M60 Tanks, six plastic HMMVW utility vehicles, one tank commander sprue, one HMMVW crew sprue, one decal sheet, seven unit cards, one mini Team Yankee rulebook and one printed Assembly Guide booklet.
Oathmark Goblins
Photo of Goblin Infantry (OAKP102)
OAKP102 - Goblin Infantry
The Great Goblin Command
sculpted by Mark Copplestone
Photo of Great Goblin, Shaman, Drummer (OAK103)
OAK103 - Great Goblin, Shaman, Drummer
Photo of Goblin Champions (OAK104)
OAK104 - Goblin Champions
Gripping Beast
Photo of The Crescent & The Cross (BP1439)The Crescent
& The Cross 

Full colour hardback book, 120 pages. Comes with 6 cards stock Battle Boards and a Quick Reference Sheet.
Contains full SAGA rules, details and rules for six new factions from the Age of The Crusades, rules for Dogs of War units & Priests plus new scenarios. 
Welcome to the Pulp Figures! My name is Bob Murch and I’m the sculptor, mould maker, caster, shipper and chief bottle washer of this plucky, rag-tag enterprise. Pulp Figures turned 10 years old in 2012 and since its beginning, when I often had to explain the term ‘Pulp’ to many gamers, Pulp Adventure gaming has become an established genre familiar to gamers with many excellent rules systems to choose from. The inspiration for Pulp Figures remains early 20th Century ‘Pulp Era’ adventure film and fiction and the minis remain oriented towards table-top gaming. This is not to say that role-players won't find the miniatures exciting and useful. Everything under the Pulp Figures banner is character driven with fun and personality given priority over strict historical accuracy.
Modiphius - Star Trek
Painted by Graham Green, photographed by John Treadaway
Victrix Ltd.
Ancient Greece   Ancient Rome  Carthaginians 
Napoleonic Wars  
Plastic Bases 
WW2 Aircraft
Photo of African War Elephant (VXA029)
VXA029 - African War Elephant
Photo of African War Elephant (VXA029)
Photo of 1980's Civilian Cars (nfxcar01)
1980's Civilian CarsWhat does every 1980's terrain need? Cars. They were everywhere. N-FX have designed 6 commonly seen European cars, in 15mm,to add to your Cold War gone Hot table-tops.
HEY! Look what we won.Hurrah!! Thank you very much if you voted for us, it is very unexpected.
FROSTGRAVE Fantasy Wargames in the Frozen City
Flames of War
Flames of War
Photo of Armies of Late War (FW130)Armies of Late War
Armies of Late-War contains the US, German, British, and Soviet forces involved in these dramatic campaigns to liberate Europe. These give you everything you need to field these forces in a Flames Of War game, including the up-gunned M4 Sherman (76mm) and Firefly VC tanks, the powerful M36 Jackson tank destroyer and Cromwell tank, the deadly Churchill Crocodile flame-tank, the M16 with its quadruple .50 cal machine-guns, the lethal Jagdpanther and Jagdtiger.
Gripping Beast
Photo of Dark Age Cavalry (GBP16)
GBP16 - Dark Age Cavalry
The game of Dark Age skirmish by Gripping Beast and Studio Tomahawk.
Saga Rulebooks
Gripping Beast - Saga Figures
Frank Faction
Warlord Games Bolt Action WW2
Konflikt '47
Great Escape Games
BP1377 - Dead Man's Hand
Great Escape Games
Curse of Dead Mans Hand
Battlegroup Kursk (4 products found)
Photo of Battlegroup Market Garden Campaign Supplement (BP1606)Battlegroup Market Garden Campaign Supplement
96 page softback campaign supplement detailing the Market Garden operation in the Holland September'44.
Packed full of historical information and narrative, scenarios and a mini campaign. Plus contains airborne army lists, amendments and additions to German army lists

Please note you need the Battlegroup Overlord: Beyond the Beaches campaign supplement (or the original Battlegroup Overlord book) and the main ruleset to play Market Garden
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