UK Games Expo event submissions now open...apparently...

20th December 2017

UKGE Event Submissions Open

We are now ready to take submissions for Tournaments, Gaming Events and Roleplaying Games.
Anyone running a game event at UK Games Expo is a UK Games Expo Volunteer and should have read and understood the Volunteering Policy.
This has always been the case but this year we want to ensure all volunteers receive adequate support and training.
So this year we are introducing some online training to ensure that both your experience and that of the visitor is enhanced and that the events are run in an environment that is safe and secure. Submitting a game therefore requires that you agree to login to an appropriate webinar before UK Games Expo.
There are more details on this on the volunteering page at UKGE here...
To find out more and then to submit your event follow this link:
You need a UK Games Expo account in order to submit an event.
Register here...

Live Entertainment Tickets to go on sale 5th January

The first Live Entertainment Event Tickets will go on sale Friday 5th January at 7pm. These events are gaming related entertainment and comedy shows with lots of audience interaction. Try and escape from a Dark Room, have a Knightmare, solve a Rubik's Cube, enjoy a musical geekfest, rid the world of infection and much more... You can browse what is available here...

Tournament and RPG Tickets

We are aiming to set live tickets for as many tournaments as possible as well as the first roleplaying events on Sunday 28th January. Exact times TBC.
If you keep an eye on the website you will be able to browse events as we get them set up. Many of the Board Game events are already listed here...

Hotel Rooms

Once you have booked your entry tickets you may wish to secure a hotel room. The hotels do get very full so we strongly advise you to book early.
We have a deal with the Hilton Hotel and the Genting Hotel and in addition this year we are working with BCD Meetings & Events to offer you a range of other choices of hotels both on site and further afield to suit different budgets.
For more details click here...
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