Many Black Moons ago, I purchased a second-hand Nurgle-painted Rhino off eBay in an effort to give my plague marines some mobility. I tarted it up a bit and then abandoned the model when the rules changed and transports became death traps.

However, I had a spare demolisher cannon so I attached it to the front and remade it as a Nurgle Vindicator tank.

However, When 8th edition came out it became clear that Death Guard Vindicators had gone the way of Imperial Guard jetbikes.

However, the new Death Guard codex introduced the Plagueburst Crawler....a superannuated Vindicator.

Soooo, given that I didn't much like the Crawler model anyway, I added some guns from the ole bitz-box to restore WYSIWYG and Voila!

The new kitbashed Plagueburst Crawler.

Close up of the business end.

I refreshed the slime a bit.

The Grandfather sees all.

And of course, the upwardly mobile slime daemon needs somewhere to hang his heads.

Off to spread the Grandfather's Bounty.