This weeks Monday Preview from Wyrd is a look at a character from their upcoming 'Bayou Bash' game...and last weeks that for some reason I forgot to post...
Happy Monday Wyrdos!  It's time for another preview, and it is time to take a look at the Rooster Rider from the upcoming Bayou Bash!! 
Whether he was too egg-cited from watching the mayhem of the race or accidentally found himself on the track and decided to wing it, the Rooster’s joined in on the chaos of the Bayou Bash and has been ruffling feathers ever since. 

Running at beakneck speed down the track, riding this reckless Rooster is the nest best thing to being catapulted toward the finish line, and just about as challenging to control, too. His ability to kick it up a notch by gaining movement dice at the risk of staggering more often allows this bird-brain to fly by the competition, even if it might mean taking a dust bath off the track. 

You won’t have to pull out any feathers in anticipation for much longer. The cluck is ticking until Bayou Bash is released this year! 

Bayou Bash is an upcoming racing game filled with speed, out of control animals, and good old fashioned fighting. Become a jockey in the most dangerous race this side of the Breach, doing everything you can to wow spectators and fans as you barrel toward the finish line.

With an assortment of wild animals and slightly unhinged Gremlins, Bayou Bash encourages players to cut loose and move as fast as they can, only slowing down to try to send their fellow racers careening off the track.

Speaking of mounts, the Pig is one of the meanest in the swamp. She is an aggressive powerhouse in the race. While some racers excel at speed or stability, the Pig uses her tusks to toss around the competition. Don’t let her pretty bow fool you! The Pig isn’t afraid to take a dip in the mud in order to push her opponents around. 

Be sure to check out Bayou Bash, coming later this year!