A new Blood Bowl league begins at the friendly local game store!

This past Sunday was the initial meet-up and what turned in to a couple friendly learning exhibition games. Not all of the coaches were able to make it, but those who did were super nice and fun to hang out with. I'm really encouraged to be meeting more local players/hobbyists and new gaming clubs -- there's a lot more nearby than I realized!

So the first thing you'll notice is these are not my Orcs... my 2 blitzer conversions failed to come together in time, so I went with Humans and an Ogre. This ended up working out nicely as another player showed up with Orcs, so glad to bring some variety. I actually brought all 3 of my current teams just in case anyone was interested in trying the game, and sure enough there was! One of the guys watched the first match, which we slowed down and used as a teaching / refresher game, then piloted my Dwarf team to great effect learning the game much quicker than I had!

Sorry Orcs, maybe next season. I swear not finishing you had nothing to do with me getting a shiny new gaming PC, nothing at all...

Anyway, here's some pictures I randomly snapped of both games. I particularly like the one where the Dwarfs have knocked all but one of the Orc players down, living up to all of my pre-game Dwarf hype (I don't think I over-sold them)

I hope everyone is feeling better by this week's kick off. I'm really excited to have some more regular gaming on the horizon. Cheers!