A couple of years back, I took a painting class with Banshee (Spanish painter, Alfonso Giraldes). All the students who took the class got one of his resin busts to paint up. Well, I finally got around to painting mine.

Alfonso is famous in miniatures painting circles for his hashtag #fucksmoothness. His philosophy is that for something to look real, it needs to have harsh tones and a lot of unexpected colour noise in it. I'm not nearly as adventurous in my painting as he is, but I tried to take his lesson to heart and add in more harsh colour than I would normally use in this sort of exercise. Not altogether successful, but I think I'm starting to move in the right direction with this first attempt at larger scale painting.

Last night we had a packed paint/hobby night down in the basement. 8 friends showed up for building, painting and photography. Lots of fun.

Finally, a humbling moment. A friend at work asked if I could paint up a western figure for his Deadlands campaign. I said sure, I'd help him out, but then discovered it was a 3D printed figure with super-soft detail in the print job. I'll admit, this was very tough to work on. We rely so much on good sculpts to prop up our painting. When you get a very softly-detailed figure, it's nearly impossible to achieve good results. Regardless, as promised: painted and delivered. Certainly, a half-hearted attempt. Won't do that again!

'Til next time.