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Welcome to Newsletter #142
Salute 2018
Salute Apologies to the majority of our readers who won't be attendingSalute next weekend, but I'm starting this newsletter off by talking to those that will be there.
Osprey Games stand (TJ04)The first thing to say, and most important, is that if there's something specific you want, please order it now to collect and avoid disappointment.
Order it online, mark the order COLLECT SALUTE and we'll refund the postage charge straight away. The order will be behind the Osprey Games stand (TJ04) with your name on it.
free metal model shown hereThe one thing we're not taking pre-orders for are the Oathmark Elves. We'll have 100 box sets on the day, and each box set will have a free metal Elf Champion model given away with it. The metal champion will never be for sale, so is an exclusive model. I'll have the shield transfers as well. Only 100 box sets,
so come by early.
ROG105 - PsionicsI will be on the Osprey Games stand with the FrostgraveFrostgrave: Ghost Archipelagoand Oathmark plastic figures. I'll also have a wide selection of the metal figures from those three ranges and Rogue Stars
Oathmark HumansFrostgrave author Joseph McCullough will be on the stand, come and say hello.
I'll have a small display case with the latest figures in there including samples of the 3UPS for the Oathmark Humans and Frostgrave Female Soldiers.
The offers on the day will be the Oathmark Elf box set and figure as mentioned above, an Elf Army Deal (buy 5 boxes pay for 4, but you only get 1 free metal champion) and an OathmarkNewbie offer.
The Oathmark Newbie Offer is one each of the three plastic box sets, and it'll includefree one each of the three exclusive metal figures, the Dwarf, Goblin and Elf Champions
I'll only have 20 of these newbie offers.
new plastic Snake-mencrew sheets The new plastic Snake-men for Ghost Archipelago will be on sale, plus a selection of the new metal figures. We won't have any deals on the day, but I'll have a pile of the crew sheets that were left over from the Nickstarter I'll be handing out free!
So where will the rest of the North Star figures be? On the Ainsty Castings stand (TK17) of course. 
Ainsty Castings 
carry our ranges around all the UK shows, and Salute is no exception. 

We appreciate you giving them your support.
That's Salute done with,
hi everyone else!
Oathmark: Battles of the Lost Age
My apologies first of all. In the last newsletter I was boasting about Oathmark Elf pre-orders. We've had to change our minds unfortunately. The Elves won't be on pre-order, you'll be actually ordering them for immediate delivery.
We'll run the same three offers as we'll have at Salute for you guys. The six metal Elf Characters, unrevealed so far, will also be on sale. The offers will be there Monday 16th April.
Elves for Oathmark
Frostgrave: Ghost Archipelago: Lost Colossus
Photo of Frostgrave: Ghost Archipelago: Lost Colossus (BP1617)FGA419 - HemataSnake-men Nickstarter. We're shipping the Nickstarter deals now. Some of you will have yours, if you haven't don't worry, we are getting them all out as quick as we can. We are also now taking regular orders for the Snake-men.
What else is new this week?
The Wargames Illustrated Giants in Miniature figure this month isYoung Prince Rupert. Speaking of Wargames Illustrated, did you know if you sign up up to their Prime membership, one of the many advantages is you get £5 a month off any purchase from North StarNot bad.
Wargames Illustrated
Wargames Illustrated PRIME
Wargames Illustrated PRIME
The new game from Osprey Games this month is Outremer: Faith & Blood. This is a Crusader era skirmish game, we're looking forward to trying it out over the next few weeks. 
Osprey GamesOsprey Publishing
Osprey Publishing  19th Century  Games  Wargames Rules
Faith and Blood 

Outremer: Faith and Blood is a 28mm skirmish wargame featuring small groups of warriors fighting in Outremer during the Crusades. While suitable for one-off skirmish encounters the focus of the game is a structured and progressive campaign setting in which they are able to watch their force grow and develop over a series of scenarios and encounters from a small party of five or so soldiers into a powerful warband a score strong.
Copplestone Castings are going up in price from the 16th of April. Not everything, but the Back of BeyondDarkest Africaand High Adventure ranges will be having price rises.
If you've been thinking of getting into any of these figures, now is the time to buy them.
Copplestone Castings
1/55th Scale Vehicles 10mm Fantasy 15mm Barbarica Fantasy Back of Beyond Copplestone Collection Darkest Africa Future Wars Gangsters High Adventure Kiss Kiss Bang Bang World War 1
Back of Beyond
Darkest Africa
AF23 - German Officers
High Adventure
 Photo of Cavewomen (C25)
C25 - Cavewomen
Warlord Games are thoroughly in the Dark Ages this week. As well as releasing the new Dark Age supplement for Hail Caesar, they have released box sets and army deals of plastic Saxons and Vikings.
There are two new sets for Doctor Who this week as well, the Ice Warriors and Empress of Mars.
Warlord will be releasing their WW2 aircraft game Blood Red Skies very soon, we will be stocking the game and planes, so look out for that in our next newsletter.
Warlord Games
Agema Miniatures

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