So this happened today. Got a good deal on it from a friend and it's assembled. Will eventually be a ride for my Blood Angels. Heck, most of them can fit in it. Thought. Whoever assembled it did an ok job, but it still needs plenty of love. The Space Penis Cannon fell off on the ride home, and now I know whether he pinned anything or not. On the bright side that gave me the idea to replace the Space Penis with a Turbolaser. Also, the nose heavy bolters are derpy as all getout. I'm thinking I'll replace them with mk II landraider sponsons so it looks more like the new Thunderhawk master. Mk. III crew, obviously. Assorted Aquillas gotta go. Taking off refueling probe because it's just going to break off anyway. Also does anyone know what the deal with the angled fins above the main wings is? They don't make a whole lot of sense. Are they an artifact of the insane old metal version where they perhaps served as structural supports? They look like they are intented to move. I guess I can deal with them. I think I would like to at least change the orientation of the Las Cannons. Landing gear are down. Should I leave them as is or put them up and mount it on a big weighted flying base?

It will definitely be a few months before I event start this!