So for something a little bit different.

I love the boxes that our fantastic plastic miniatures come in and GW do an outstanding job with them, they make great storage boxes and the artwork make them collectible, for me anyway. The same goes for White Dwarf magazines, the ones I buy, I keep and now and again look through them for inspiration etc.

I have long been looking for a way of making use out of the boxes and the articles and art work in WD and I stumbled upon a video on how to make a scrapbook and thought what better way to put all these great reference material into one place.

I had an old tablet case which I thought would make a sturdy cover for my scrapbook and I have been holding onto the Dark Imperium box (which is not the best for reusing as storage) for just this reason.


The Cover - use something fairly rigid or take your favourite box art and laminate. I am using that tablet cover mentioned earlier and covering it with a section from the Dark Imperium Box.

The Binding - use some stretchy string or cord and thread through the spine after cutting the holes into your cover.

The Insert - I am using a notebook with blank pages but use whatever you want, if you are going to make notes in your scrapbook use something else or if you are going to draw or paint on the pages use the right paper.

Lastly fill the scrapbook with all your best inspiration.