Yeah, it’s been over a year.

Life happens and this blog was one of the first things to go on the “not right nowâ€� pile.  


That’s not to say I haven’t been active in my hobby.  I have been.  Just not here.  I have still been building, painting slowly, and gaming on a fairly regular basis.  I have been posting more to Twitter(@40kChris) and I recently started Instagramming(@40kChris2) over this last year.  I believe it’s primarily due to the immediacy of those formats.  Work on a project, snap a few pics, write a blurb, send it off.  Done.  Where blogging feels very deliberate, and calculated by comparison.  It’s not a bad format and I have recently been thinking getting back into it primarily for the breadth of an article that can do so much more than a tweet or Instagram entry can.

As such, I think if I’m going to do this then I’ll need a restart.  That just feels like the right thing to do since my goals and outlooks have changed since the beginning of this endeavor.  A new name and a new format that cover all the aspects of the hobby I’ve gotten into since I haven’t been blogging.  

Switching fully to Black Legion from the Word Bearers.  I mean, at least Abaddon is doing something other than fuming in some tower someplace in the Eye.  Also, ADB’s Black Legion novel are nothing short of inspiring.  I like where they are going with it and like that idea of desperate brotherhood.  If you haven’t read Talon of Horus go do that, and then go get Black Legion next.  Wonderful books and rich with imagery.  

Slimming down my collections.  Which is still sort of laughable.  I’m only have Slaanesh Demons now and they total about 3,900 points.  I started counting my built CSMs and had to stop around 7,000 points and that did not include anything from FW Renegades & Heretics. 😭😭.  I did get some units bulked up because that seems to be the way to go with units like Possessed and Berserkers in 8th.  Given that I’d like to focus more on painting and less on building for awhile.

Speaking of painting, I have recently moved all my GW paints to 17ml dropper bottles.  That’s included 5 pots of the really old GW inks that are OOP.  No more dried out pots for me!  I have also started using Vallejo Gamecolor.  So far the combination of the two seems to be a good palette for my forces.  I have most of my schemes worked out and I just need to get priming.  For that I had just acquired a mobile spray booth with its own exhaust fan and tube to vent fumes outside.  This should help getting models primed in less than ideal conditions like high humidity, which is the case right now, or winter.  It’s also lit up with LEDs so you can see what your priming, but this also turns it into a makeshift photo booth.  It’s a wonderful little thing.  

That is just one facet of reorganizing my hobby area.  Since we have moved I have a lot more hobby space now than I had before.  So building a game table is a serious consideration. On casters to move it around and have terrain storage underneath.

Just more things for consideration.  Maybe even a batrep or two if I can swing it.

Thanks for being here over all this time, you probably even forgot this was here, but having the blog is way more fun with all of you.  If anything changes I’ll let you know here since I’ll need to keep this blog alive for a little bit.  Maybe even import this blog to a new name?

Here’s a Hellforged Leviathan I recently finished, enjoy!!  As you can see it’s based off the plastic Redemptor, the full kit not the easy-to-build, and it was a super fun build.  It practically built its self.  There were also a lot of firsts on it... first freehand work, oil washes, A LOT of Technical paints, pencils, etc.  If you have any questions about anything I did just ask, I do love have discussions with you guys.