It is time once again to grab an axe, strap on a shield, and pull up your pants. The Unstable Dice Podcast is back with another episode. This week's episode kicks off with Chuck seeking ideas on how to replace the head on one of his models. The conversation quickly turns into us discussing what we have pre-ordered for second edition. We also talk a little about GW's strategy for the release and some of the cool things they have been doing with second edition.

In the second segment of the show, we breakdown the leaked Nighthaunts matched play points. We discuss some of things the list tells us about the future release and some of the things I am planning with my army. I also practice saying Grimghast Reapers quite a few times.

The show ends with America's Favorite segment of the show, Five Questions. This week's list is a mix of predictions, limitations, and maybe a little sadness. At least we wont get the stink eye from our spouses this week.

00:01:00 Chuck is searching for a head
00:04:30 What did we pre-order for 2nd edition
00:24:15 Nighthaunt Matched Play leaks
00:44:45 Five Questions!

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