It is time upgrade to a hammer, strap on a shield, and pull up your pants.  2nd Edition Age of Sigmar has arrived! In this week's episode, we kick things off with discussing the results of the 6 Nations tournament.  We breakdown some of the biggest surprises coming out of how players were using 2nd edition at the event.  We have a good laugh over 64 damage grots and ponder whether Seraphon summoning is such a horrible thing.  Most importantly, we remind ourselves and everyone that GW will fix the problems in a timely fashion.

In the second segment of the show, we review the Myrmourn Banshee warscroll.  We talk about why the new unit is great and a couple tricks we would use with them.  Chuck also works the math to see how many I can fit into a 1000 point army and still be legal.

The show ends with America's favorite segment of the show, Five Questions.  This week's list is a mixture of looking back, planning for the future, and figuring out why Nagash has such poor management skills.

00:01:00 6 Nations and AoS 2nd Edition Loopholes
00:34:00 Experiences with assembling the Soul Wars models
00:42:30 Warscroll Review: Myrmourn Banshees
00:54:30 Five Questions!

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