It is time once again to grab a hammer, strap on a shield, and pull up your pants. We are talking Age of Sigmar on the Unstable Dice Podcast In this week's episode, we are joined by special co-host Joe Flesch from the Hobby Heroes Podcast! The show starts with us talking about how each of us is approaching 2nd edition differently with Chuck focusing on competitive play, Joe hanging in the realm of open play and John kicking off something in the middle with league play.

In the second segment of the show, we breakdown the battleplan Places of Arcane Power. We examine how it impacts certain armies and debate what is the best approach to playing the scenario if your army is not quite built for it.

The show ends with America's favorite segment of the show, Five Questions. This week's list is a mixture of rules questions, thoughts on Easy to Build models and bets on where Chuck will place at the Midwest Meltdown.

00:01:00 Approaching 2nd Edition AoS
00:32:05 Battleplan
00:48:17 Five Questions!

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