It is time once again to grab a hammer, strap on a shield, and pull up your pants.  We are talking Age of Sigmar on the Unstable Dice Podcast In this week's episode, we kick things off with talking about the FAQs that were just released and a few of them that impact us.  Afterwards, we talk a bit about upcoming releases, the pricing of some of the new models and a couple alternative ideas for folks not looking to drop a ton of cash.  

In the second part of the show, Chuck breaks down his games at the Midwest Meltdown.  We discuss the format, the use of the new realm rules in a tournament, and the results from the event.  We also announce who from last episode was right about where Chuck would end up at the end of the tournament. 

The show ends with America's favorite segment of the show, Five Questions.  This week's questions are all about Chuck's experience at the tournament and what he was feeling after it was over.  We also announce the winner of the Soul Wars painting contest we were hosting on Facebook. 

00:01:00 AoS 2.0 FAQs and Upcoming Releases 
00:33:00 Midwest Meltdown Coverage 
01:28:00 Five Questions! 

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