I think I've managed to blow up both my painting points and hobby budget in the most spectacular way possible!

Adeptus Titanicus launched last weekend and I bought into it hard. As a result, two Grand Master Editions are currently sitting on my hobby desk, ready to be painted.

I've been waiting and watching the development of this for years, so it really was a moment of nerdy bliss being able to finally being able to have the game in my hands, crack it and start working on it. It kind of goes without saying that most of my posts for a while are going to be based around Titanicus

Having booked the weekend off work, I was able to crack on straight away, spending Saturday building my first Warlord, then Sunday painting it.

After nearly 14 hours of hobby time, I had Umbra Mortis of the Legio Mortis almost ready to walk:

This was surprisingly easy to build and paint considering the size and complexity of the model. They really are a joy to work with.

Most of the remaining work to be done is just finishing up the leg armour, applying decals and magnetising the weapons, which I should hopefully get done this week.

Of course the elephant in the room (at least to regular readers of this blog) is how this is going to affect my painting points. Long story short, they've been crushed! Despite not being full-sized models, I'm counting each Titan as a full Lord of War. That's 20 points each. I'm just counting Knights as infantry models, due to their size. Across the two boxes, thats's 92 points in the wrong direction. Needless to say I won't be buying much in the near future (until the Reavers and Warhounds release, that is!).

I've been deliberately quite harsh on myself with this in order to make sure each Warlord gets the care and attention they deserve. My excitement for this game should mean that I quickly win back ground though.

Wish me luck. Hopefully I'll actually remember to post stuff up as I go along, so watch this space!