A few evenings of painting have let me finish the Moria Blackshields.

The dwarves I'm actually painting while my son is present, so they're coming along VERY slowly =)

I, of course, have forgotten a lot in the last many years! Chiefly among them, how to take photos of miniatures.

So please forgive the slightly unforgiving too close photos below!

Here's the finished squad. A Moria Blackshield captain, four with sword and shield, four with spear and shield. I used goblin models that were "heavily armoured" - in other words, with helmets. Then I gave them various shields I had lying around to further distinguish them from standard warriors.

I know a Blackshield captain is meant to have a two handed sword rather than a shield, but it seems very odd to me that a BlackSHIELD captain has no shield. Also, none of the goblins I had looked easily convertible to a two handed sword!

I've not played with "elite" goblins before and still aren't sure if it's worth the extra points when I tend to like swarming, but we'll see!

And a side view to see the shields better, I think I might do one more black wash over the shields to darken them further. The roundish shields are meant to be from perhaps a Cave Drake or something and I think are still a bit green. In any case, they all stand out from the normal goblins.

I haven't got a name for the captain yet, but thought I'd better put some of these guys together as I think we might do some Battle Companies and the progression for warriors is to blackshields. I also need to make some Prowlers as that's what the archers upgrade to.

I know they're probably not as cool as the "official" miniatures, but they're a lot cheaper (ie. free) as I've got bits lying around =)