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Next Weekend sees us visit the beautiful city of Antwerp in Belgium and the Sarissa Roadshow goes into mainland Europe. We had a fantastic time there last year and we are all prepared for the the trip with lots of new kits to show off.

For new releases it's a bit quieter this week, we've got a couple of additions to the Ludus in the form a straight Grandstand Sections and a Curved Grandstand with a Pulvinar for the VIP's.

Then we have the first batch of a whole swathe of new 20mm World War Europe kits which will begin to make the range match the 28mm range for variety.

We also have a great value Old West Offering with a little deal involving our Livery Stable Kit and a Wagon for a wonderful price.

Thanks, TC
First things first, ff you think we've done anything cool this year then why not give us your vote in the Wargames Illustrated Awards for 2018 in category 4, Best Wargames Terrain, Accessory or Building Manufacturer. We've tried to push ourselves this year and keep being clever and improve what we do and how we do it. Sometimes that drive comes from feedback from you guys as well and thats always appreciated.

But thats not all, if your read any of the WI articles Gary has done this year on painting and modelling our kits then you could give him your vote as well for his Modelling MDF Terrain Article in issue 368.
We are on the road in mainland Europe next weekend. We leave early on Friday morning and travel South through the Channel tunnel and into France before continuing our journey to Belgium. Last year was our first trip and we hadn't even gotten to the end of the day and we were all in agreement we wanted to make it one of the first shows we put in our calendar and this year we'll be taking a load of new kits and you can come and chat to us about some of our plans or what you want from us. Never fear though as some of the team are staying behind so there will be no impact on day to day production or shipping.

If there is something you want then please use the pre-order option on the website, simply go to checkout and select collect at Crisis as your shipping option and we'll do the rest and have your order ready for collection on the day. Midnight on Wednesday 31st October is the cutoff for these. We'll have a lot of stock but we can't take everything so don't miss out.
We released our Ludus range last week and we've added a couple of options to it already due to demand. This image shows how all the different elements of the sets can be brought together. There are lots and lots of combinations and we are sure you'll come up with something we did not consider as well.
This Straight Grandstand Upgrade Set adds a section for spectators. These simply fit around the straight wall sections and create that crucible of death feel as the crowds bay for blood in the sand.
This new curved Grandstand Upgrade Set comes with a VIP Pulvinar for any special guests and their entourages. Like the standard ones these fit around the curved wall sections and can be retro fitted as they simple sit against the walls of the arena.
20mm Small Shop - destroyed version coming soon.
20mm Small House - destroyed version to follow soon.
20mm Large Terrace Shops - destroyed versions coming soon.
20mm Large Farmhouse - destroyed version coming soon.
20mm Small Single Storey House with a destroyed version coming soon.
It's all about Cowboys this week with a certain new video game making all the headlines. We've put together a little deal for you in the form of this Livery Stable Kit and Wagon deal. A great value set and 25% off the combined price.
Last weeks deal was this 'small' church. We call it a small church because its not as big as some of the other churches we do but with a 300x200mm footprint in not exactly small. It also comes with some gravestones and crypts and a Liche Gate so has the making of a awesome diorama centre point for your boards. Take advantage of our generosity while you can.
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