On May 4, we closed on a new house. It's within 10 miles or so of the old house, which doesn't add a great deal to my already substantial commute.

Going from a partially finished basement with well-established hobby area to a ready-to-finish basement (read: unfinished) was daunting. I had packed something like 25 boxes of hobby stuff (medium moving boxes) and there was really no good start to putting things away. I ended up buying a bunch of plastic shelves and unloading the boxes onto them. It looked so nice when we moved in, but quickly became a hoarding nightmare.
Before my stuff

After my stuff, but before more shelves
My plans to drywall quickly fell by the wayside. I'll get to that, but I didn't want to delay using the space until drywall was up. It had been almost a year since I stopped hobbying in preparation of the move, and I really wanted to get my life back.

So as a small I decided to create a 40k Kill Team. I got the box set and expansions, and my son and nephew (and hopefully my brother-in-law) are going to play. I chose Heretic Astartes, and started a list consisting of 5 CSM's and 6 cultists. Two CSM's are painted now, and I'm slowly putting colors on the cultists. Interestingly, I found myself assembly-line painting the cultists, but the marines each get converted and painted individually.

Regular Dude and Zealot Specialist
I heard about a tactic to give the weakest, cheapest guy in your kill team the "leader" role, so you can hide that model away and not risk losing the extra command point. For instance, you could make a kill team of killy Ork Kommandos and include a grot as your leader. I'm not here to tell you that you are playing your toy soldier game wrong, but if you do this then you are definitely playing your toy soldier game wrong. Don't be this person. Seriously. If I play against someone who does this I will throw the game through a series of calculated tactical blunders so that they feel superior to me for winning and I feel superior to them because I am not them. It's a win-win.

Now if someone came up with a list that heavily included grots and used this guy for his leader, I would find that amusing and worth playing against. I have this model and he's awesome. 
For the record, my leader is the beefiest dude on my team with the best gear, the Aspiring Champion of Chaos. I have as hard a time imagining Astartes following some wretched mortal as I do a bunch of Orks following a grot.