Hobby night is back to a weekly thing. I'm even dragging my carcass down to paint on other days as well. I suppose one could argue that if I'm having to drag myself to an activity that I supposedly enjoy then maybe I don't enjoy it as much as I think. Whatever, Freud.

It is a pleasant basement to hobby in, even if the light is somewhat nightmarish. I need to replace the bare bulbs with some sort of fluorescent bar to make it more ambient and less "reveal Mother Bates" shadowy. My dog Bitz likes to lay down on the wooden shelf below my hobby table, so I paint and pet him with my foot. It's pretty tolerable.

Here are some more Heretic Astartes pics. I painted the flamer guy, then started working on the heavy bolter guy and aspiring champion with power fist.

I bought a photographic mat last year, and it doesn't make them look half bad, especially compared to the poor lighting of the bottom pic. Even so, white balance took all the contrast out of the skull/spike on his backpack and made it a uniform yellow. We got a super-cool 3' cubic photo booth thingy at work with built in lighting and I'm thinking of bringing in a mini or two to try it out. It fills the space with a crazy amount of ambient light.

In further basement news, I also bought a utility sink and will be hooking it up too at some point.
Here's a picture with my dog in it, for no good reason.

This will require me to cut into existing water lines, which puts the fear into me. I've done water line work before but never with Pex. It seems easy, but you never know until you get started. PVC I'm reasonably comfortable with. I can even solder copper in a pinch. It's the mistakes I made getting there that make me queasy about trying a new material.

I'm experimenting with putting pics on Instagram. It seems like there is a much higher pic to blab ratio there than on Twitter. You can find me at the usual name, https://www.instagram.com/hakomike/ if you'd like.