Hi All

Bluddtoof here with the next update on my progress towards our next mission in "The Cypra Incident"; our narrative campaign. This time its a showcase of my new Wazbom Blastajet.

This completes my army for the next mission; "Airfield Assault" which will see Docs 19th Dicers attempt to destroy the Orks air capability in a 2 pronged attack on the greenskins only airfield in the region. More on the the mission brief in my next post though, for now here's a load more shots of the Blastajet working through the process....

I loved painting this model, I tried some new tricks which I'd learnt from Doc in our last scenery building session. I base sprayed the model black then masked off the pilot and sprayed leadbelcher, this was then shaded with blended washes of Reikland, Seraphim and Agrax. Once dry matte varnish overall then I masked everything I wanted to stay metallic and used hairspray followed by all over Mephiston red spray. This was then weathered with a toothbrush and once I'd got the wear I wanted a good coat of varnish to fix it all. Then it was the usual detailing with patchwork primary colours and a load of heavy weathering with sponge and powders.
It's come out nice and grubby and red, so well happy.

And here's the finished scenery we built and painted for the mission. Doc and I put most of the work in with airbrushes in one big session and I've finished them off with some weathering and the grass tufts.

As ever C & C is welcome, keep an eye out for posts on the next mission brief and a battle report once the Orks have krumped dem umies.......