Battle damage and weathering is the next step and I'm painting this on in some fashion that pretends to be random/natural but is probably not random/un-natural. But it's the way I've done it on all the Knights so at least it's consistent.

And I've mixed the shoulder pads up in these, the studded and white cog band go on the one above, thanks to me mixing up the Metallica decal, the white one was also supposed to go above and the black Meatllica on this one to match the black cog band, it's so confusing !

I stippled on more Rhinox Hide onto the dome, having also sponged Valejo Sun Yellow in places to make it brighter. However I've not so much gone the other way but made the whole thing a little too contrived.

The yellow was very much a halo round the base of the dome and a little too uniform.

So I sponged on some more Iyanden Sun and Sun Yellow on one facing, which gave me enough room to stipple on a big number, which I did roughly on the four compass points [although very faint where it's rusty.

Still a fair bit to do on the base, but the bone white chips got done when I had some spare paint on my palette.

I wanted to do something on the knee, but also didn't so I just added a skull badge. I've said before I don't like to add honours the Knights have not earned, making decals difficult after battle damage. But this is a campaign badge - a skull to honour my son's surgery! You'll also note those torso ball joints have been stripped back to bare plastic. I tried to keep them painted but they just won't. It doesn't matter so much, they'll never be seen.

Yellow rails...

Again, it's very difficult to convey just how fulfilled this makes me feel. The simple decision to go with yellow rails instead of what I'd normally have done - bronze. I mean it is SOOO busy looking, your eyes are drawn all over the place but it speaks to me like few models have, I can't wait for them to be complete.

The AdMech cog studs also got painted. Such a simple kitbash and I was unsure about its execution.

But it's come out really well and I'm so glad I did it.

While I was at it I added some damage to the Gatling Cannon and Carapace Launcher from my first Knight too.

Face plates also got weathered and all the bonewhite areas were highlighted along with the name scrolls on the chest plate. The Knight Gauntlet also got damage and I applied some darker turquoise on the bronze in places where the previous verdigris effect had thinned the paint so much it had 'split' and left it white in the recesses.

Lots more still to do but this was a big milestone as the damage requires effort, control, patience and actual creative artistry. The upcoming verdigris and glow effects actually require less skill but they're the final hurdles... except for all the weapons that still need doing!

We did it! Radiotherapy at the Clatterbridge Cancer Centre for my hero was done and dusted last Friday. Slightly anti-climactic after everything but hopefully that's it. He has an MRI scan due in 3 months but we're not supposed to put too much focus on that as the radiation will have done all sorts - this is the baseline, the new normal. Our consultant said if everything was 'normal' that would be 'abnormal'. So we're looking more to the 6 and 9 month scans to give us an idea of the efficacy of the treatment... a long way still to go as this will be the next 5 years.

Anyway, it's done and we can't thank Sarah [the Radiologist], Dr Thorpe and all the other staff at Clatterbridge enough for their excellent support and care. We'll be following all our treatment up at Alder Hey again with Dr Howell, who was in last weeks episode of Hospital, available on the iPlayer for the next 2 months. You'll also get to see Miss Pettorini, who did the amazing brain surgery on Oscar, also do amazing work on children's spines. Go check it out these people are awesome.

Now, back to some sort of normality...

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