In the past I've tried to give away things on my birthday, usually a free terrain template but with everything going on I really haven't had time. Obviously it's a day with mixed feelings for me with past events but I've got to give my fellow hobbyists something right?

Well, my local GW [Manchester Arndale] is doing a monthly painting challenge and I decided to include Ser Ellenbogen as my vehicle/monster entry. I'll be trying to include something every month from now on, although luckily it doesn't have to have been painted that month [I can't keep up with that kind of schedule]. Anyway, I took some pics of the entries [as well as other items instore] and thought I'd share as the level of skill and effort on display was really high. You never know, I may even come back at some point and add some painfully obvious captions 😉 I will just say the first three are the 'winners' for this month [the 4th one was also nominated for it's efforts], there is a competitive element.

I love this Sylvaneth army, almost makes me wish I had one... I won't though!