With a bit of a push these are 'mostly' complete. OK so some weapon options haven't been finished, some haven't been varnished and the banners haven't been added. Not to mention these pics are just what I set up in the back room, when I probably need to do some 'proper' ones but that can be said about a number of completed projects recently.

But they are done and if you see all those folk claiming their models are 'done except for the base' - so they're not done! I think I'm owed some latitude but right now, regarding my To Do List, if it's all I complete this Season I'm happy with that. It's unlikely this would just be it, but all things considered they mean a lot.

Which is where the contradiction occurs, because as I've touched on before, they mean so much but their game play and the reputation of Knights in tournament setting are just at odds with how much I would love to play them.

Sadly you can't even dilute your force with other Imperium without being dubbed a 'soup' list player. It's a no-win scenario and it's just a bit galling really. You never know, now I have 4 Knights and 2 Warlgaives they could play differently but we'll see when I next have a 'friendly' game with my mates.

Lady Pettorini, she's going 'full tilt' on this. Really looking forward to showing them off at some point.

But I think I may have titled them wrongly, in that their namesakes - one is short and one is tall and I've switched them because this Gallant will be at the forefront and part of me thinks that representing that spirit was more fitting, than actual physical stature.

But I've already caught myself accidentally calling this one Lady Pettorini, when it's Ser Ellenbogen.

Considering I was originally not a fan of this face plate I absolutely love it now. As soon as I put it on I could see no alternative.

I've started a banner for this, but I can't imagine it will suit unfortunately. The space between the legs would be too cluttered I think.

The Gallant also has a banner that's less progressed but it might still fit and not spoil the silhouette of the model as it is 'in flow'.

Top view, sometimes I wonder how this stuff happens. I'm under no illusion this is Golden Demon level but I can;t quite comprehend what I've achieved. perhaps it's rooted in my history of not finishing things and now I do, to a standard I'm more than happy with.

I never expected this model to feel so 'alive', given the static pose, but somehow it does look like a captured a moment with it.

These are my desktop/wallpaper pics, suitable for phone or PC.

Although my Armies on Parade background is a little busy. Maybe when I do the Ferron Proxima mat background they'll be even better.

Something about the cheek guards and their old skool grime sings to me.

And a more sensible right hand image for PC desktops.

50:50 split

And what lies beneath the mask, so you can see what was lost in the eyes with the Tamiya Clear Orange X-26

My House Corvus is 'complete'. There's obviously a Castellan I should add, but I'm not overly fussed on the model. I'd love some of the other Cerastus but not really going to explore that. I might get some Helverins at some point but not sure I really need anything else.

If the Lancer is ever an issue - cost/performance benefits I'll swap it out for Euronymous to keep the other Knights in check and bring the points down. And I actually think the Freeblade rules give you extra benefits without spending CPs for extra Warlord Traits/relics

Anyway, a Big Teal Stamp of Approval for giggles.