Bless me readers for I have sinned, it's been over 8 months since my last confession! I've been otherwise preoccupied so I'm sure I'll be forgiven though.

So where am I at? Well I've completed my two Knights and just finished Garrek's Reavers [pics to follow] so what do I have next? The Warband was a lovely little intermission and with them out of the way I'm actually gee'd up to tackle and finally finish off my Ravenwing Dark Talon, so that's next on the list. Right now, the only things I can envisage painting is the Dark Talon, a Callidus Assassin and the Sanctum Imperialis pieces I have knocking about. The first and last seem significant projects, with the Assassin as a little intermission piece again, but nothing else is speaking to me.

That might be in part because nothing else is primed and ready to go. To remedy that I'll be looking at my Big Build and actually trying to spend a lot of time building. I have these items I'm looking to do:
  • 2 x Hive Guard conversions
  • 3 x Ripper Bases
  • 3 x Tyranid Warriors
  • 9 x Abberrants
The latter one will require a purchase of some more bases to match my existing Genestealer Cult. I feel a concerted build phase might have happened at the wrong time, although priming weather should be nice. Ordinarily this is painting time, where motivation is high compared with the winter months but I'll just see how it goes. I just need stuff prepped and ready and this will be the start of it.

Wait a minute I have an urge to finish painting my Deathwing Knights too! Obviously after the other stuff, so my urge might have waned by the time I'm free but I think it'd be nice to finally see them complete. THEN I will be happy 😂