Second of my completed Shadespire Warbands - Steelheart's Champions.

And I know it's now Night Vault and the actual game is Warhammer Underworlds but these technically were Shadespire warbands and the name is just altogether better.

Just a reminder I [loosely] followed Rob Paint's Model's base guide for these.

He obviously did a much better job and I threw in some battle damage too but I'm more than happy with the result.

2 things about steelheart: 1. I love the blending on his sword - I wish I could do black like this ALL the time. 2. The pupils for his eyes or on his top eyelids. It looks OK, but it isn;t right and one day I may have to fix that.

The purple wasn't quite as smoothly blended as I'd hoped. It had been looking quite dire and just the edition of that white line across the bottom made it far more interesting and draws the eye away from the dubious blends...

I also glossed all the weaponry, again to make up for what I didn't explore on the Chosen Axes

Pics on the white background.

See what I mean about his pupils. However, do me a favour click on the pick and zoom in to the leather groin protector - see those individual brush stroke highlights? I love them! While you're at it look at the blend on that sword closely - I need to do all my blends like this!

Anyway, a Big Teal Stamp of Approval for these guys.