The latest Army Painting series has been completed for the Patreon Page!  I have been eagerly awaiting this Morghul Knights unit for my Middle Earth SBG collection, and now it is well under way to the table.

My next Lord of the Rings series will feature my new Rohan army!

I used the Mig Ammo Oilbrushers as well as standard oil paints throughout the process.  These have a number of advantages, as the consistency is the same as acrylic miniature paints right out of the container.  They also have an unbreakable container, and a handy brush to get that out on to the palette.

I used a number of Green Stuff World products on the bases, which were also covered in Episode 1.  The new Texture Sheets were outstanding, and I also created a few flagstone bases.  

Once the figures were painted, I concluded the series with adding static grass and cut leaves.  You can see the Green Stuff World leaf cutters in the image.  They are really amazing!

I tried to cover a number of topics during the 4 part series, including weathering, NMM, and how to get as much color variety in "black" as possible.  This series allowed me to do a lot more glazing of the oil paints, since I was able to let some layers partially or completely dry.

This is something I have not done very often, and never had a chance to capture on camera.

The Army Painting tutorials are only a part of what is offered on my Patreon Page.  I also have a number of basing tutorials, terrain, and other "general techniques".  I am now filming the 14th Painting Dark Sword episode!  All of these are available for you to see when you sign up for that pledge level.

I have a few live sessions that are more of a conversation about the approach to using the oils, including this recent episode on the Song of Ice and Fire Flayed Men:

When you look at the cloaks, metals and horses, you will see that each one is a slightly different shade.  Some have more of a greenish tint, others more red or even turquoise.   These subtle differences create a much more interesting unit, and the oil paints make it a LOT easier to create those kinds of gentle shifts in color.

Even over a layer of dried oil paints, it is still easier to blend in a fresh layer of oils than to do so in acrylics.

Series 8 will also feature some brand new elements, as I work on the Mountain's Men.

The Army Painting series is available at the $15 pledge level, and all previous series can be viewed.  Many more are already in the works!

Here's a link to the page: